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  Aiden, 7 months Male Border Collie  Mix
Aiden Aiden

Aiden is a gorgeous seven month old Border Collie mix who was adopted as a young pup and recently returned through no fault of his own. He's doing fantastic in his foster home and responding great with reward-based training. We don't want him to end up in the wrong hands again so will be ultra careful with his placement and prefer an adopter who is well experienced with the breed. City life may not be for him as he needs to run. Life in a crate is not for him either, but he will tolerate the crate much better now than when we first got him back. Someone who can exercise him and challenge his intelligence would be right up his alley. He is shy with strangers, especially men, but bonds closely with the family. He will need to be socialized in a positive setting and rewarded according. Border Collies are highly sensitive and intelligent dogs and must have a reward-based program and adequate exercise. A physical fence is a must for Aiden. Because of a bad experience with the electric fence, he will cower when he hears a beep, even from a cell phone or camera. We've rehabilitated other Border Collies with the same issues and have been very successful so we have every confidence that Aiden can be brought to respond without fear to those types of sounds. Aiden is a joy and is really having a blast in his foster home. He is very much a puppy and will need close supervision as any puppy would. He will give back a lifetime of joy to the right adopter who understands the Border Collie nature. He is not extremely high energy as some Border Collies are, but needs to be able to have a couple of good runs a day and not too much time in the crate.