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  Scruffy, 2-3 Years Old Female Daschund/Poodle  Mix
Scruffy Scruffy

We had so many applications for Scruffy, we apologize we did not let everyone know. If we called everyone, it would have been at the expense of the dogs inhouse who are waiting for a good home. So sorry, but she got a great home.

Scruffy is a sweet dog who was turned in to a a shelter with a high euthanasia rate in TN but pulled out by one of our contacts. She is around 10 lbs and very friendly. Scruffy will be arriving on the 6th and will be available for adoption on the 8th. She looks like a purebred daschund, but based on her "before picture," her coat texture resembles a poodle. She is the perfect little pocket dog looking to please. She LOVES people and will do just about anything to get all eyes on her. Unlike most small dogs, she is confident in new social situations and does not shy away from new people. She is very tolerant of other dogs and loves to play. Her big eyes make your heart melt and she knows just what to do to milk out the pats. (But is not overly pushy) She will be at our meet and greet on saturday at the Especially for Pets in Sudbury from 1-3 PM. No phone calls please.