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  Tinkerbell, ~1 year Female Italian Greyhound  Mix
Tinkerbell Tinkerbell

Tink is a 6 lb little lap dog who loves to be held. She is an adorable Italian Greyhound mix who is just about the most affectionate dog you will ever meet. She loves to sleep under the covers and will stay there all night. If she has a chewy she will play with it, then chew on it, and then go to sleep. If you put any type of blanket by her she will nuzzle into it. She loves to be warm. She has many outfits donated by the volunteers. She loves to ride in the car, but she shakes at the vet like any small dog would. She has no bad habits, is not a chewer other than on her own chewies. She looks big in the picture, but she is actually very tiny. She is housetrained and uses the doggy door to go out. She is precious! She loves attention. to be held, has learned to sit, loves to give kisses, and fetches (brings the toy back and loves to go after it again!) Tinkerbell can climb a chain link fence (this is an IG trait) so she must be supervised when outside. History: she was dumped at a city run shelter in rural TN during the dead of winter. There was no heat and she would have frozen to death were it not for a rescue angel who took her in, fed her, and vetted her. Tink gets very attached to her people and would be wonderful for a stay at home. She's a snuggle bunny.

Tinkerbell will make someone a terrific companion in a small, carry-along size! Can you give her the wonderful home she so deserves?