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  Angelica, 10 weeks Female Terrier  Mix

Angelica is our precious special needs puppy. Unfortunately her mama is a chained to a box dog and when Angelica was three days old, the chain became wrapped around her back leg and amputated her foot. The owners never took her to a vet, leaving mama to nurse her to health. Despite what she went through, Angelica is a firecracker! She loves to run around the house and wrestle with her puppy siblings, all of whom are at least twice her size. She adores dogs of all sizes and would probably miss not having another dog to play with. Having weighed only 3 pounds at 9 weeks of age, we expect that she is going to be quite small. Angelica will need to be evaluated for chiropractic treatment as well as a possible prosthetic; she will need follow-up care after adoption. We are looking for a special home for Angelica, one who can take care of her ongoing needs. She gets along fine and doesn't let you know she has a disability. Please donate so that we don't have to place too much of a financial burden on her adopter.