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  Jed, ~ 10 Months Male Boxer/Hound  Mix
Jed Jed

Jed is ~10 month old Boxer/Hound mix neutered male who has been heartworm tested and is up to date on his shots. He has a med-high activity level, is playful and likes to run with pals in his foster home. He enjoys getting love and attention, and will drown you in 'kisses'. He is housetrained and sleeps nicely overnight in his crate. He would love someone to take him on long hikes and play with him. His foster mother says: "This young dog came over last evening. He was frisky and hungry. And watching him from the window were Henry and Shadow, loudly pronouncing that he should get inside and meet them. So in he came. At first hesitated at the steps so many and winding upward! But, those other two barreled up there, so he followed. Once inside the living room, the sniffing began so many new scents and dogs and people and noises! Where to begin!!!! But, a tasty bowl of food caught his attention and he immediately inhaled it, along with any leftovers that my dogs dared to leave behind. Time to watch some TV or not! he just barked and barked and barked at the TV of course, it was all political chatter so who could blame him. Once he settled into my lap, though, I could let the TV run without him barking at all those annoying faces. Soon enough, the yawns started, so time to get in the crate or NOT! He went in reluctantly, only to be followed in by Shadow! How to get Shadow out and leave Jed in there? Ahhhh, a seasoned foster has her tricks and cannot divulge those secrets. Well, he slept through the night, no accidents, and has been just a joy since he was woken up by Shadow and Henry they have eaten, played, played some more, visited with all their neighbors who came over to see the new foster pup and are back to playing some more. That pool in the yard is keeping them busy either to get in or run circles around just so much to do out there! Whoever gets this young guy is very lucky because he is quite a joy to have around!! So cuddly and a great little personality going on in there." Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in one or two days we will contact you if your application is a match. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. Phone calls are discouraged as it takes time away from the care of the dogs to answer questions that might already be on our web site. We tend to put include everything we know. If information is missing, it's usually because we don't know. :-) He is in a foster home in W. Roxbury and can be met by private appointment.