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  Miles, ~1 year Male Yorkie
Miles Miles

Miles is a 7# one year old Yorkie who was surrendered by his breeder because he was not "breeding stock" (one testicle had not dropped). Miles deserves better so his tiny issue led to his salvation with being rescued and now he will get to be the joy of someone's life and not just used for breeding. He plays with other small dogs and has discovered toys. He will gather them all up from various parts of the house and makes a big pile. He doesn't guard them, just likes to lie on the pile and have his toys around him. He is using the doggy door and has learned to use stairs. He likes to lick your toes when you step ouf of the shower. He was not held or petted much so will a patient owner, preferably without children or with teens who are gentle. He doesn't enjoy being held so will need some time. He will "go" on a puppy pad or you can take him outside to house train. He was probably crated 24/7 at the breeders so minimal time in the crate would be best once he feels comfortable. He's a good little dog and will be the joy of someone's life, watching him blossom. Someone experienced with tiny breeds or someone who doesn't want "too much, too soon". Let him develop confidence at his own pace and with positive-reinforcement (clicker) training. Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in one or two days we will contact you if your application is a match. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. Miles will not be at the meet and greets. Call for an appointment.