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  Roscoe, 7 years Male Beagle
Roscoe Roscoe

Roscoe is a small 7 years young Beagle who is full of joy and just loves people. His foster mom says: When I return to the house after a short time out, he greets me joyfully, tail wagging and jumping up for kisses. He is quiet, not a barker. He is really a delight to everyone he meets. Roscoe likes to nest in any soft and comfortable spot - he works with his paws to make a perfect nest in his dog-bed, and then plonks himself right in the middle and curls up small to sleep - it is very cute. Roscoe loves all people and dogs, and strains on the leash to go greet them when we are out walking - all strangers are, to him, just friends he hasn't met! He is very good on the leash, and calm in crowded and noisy situations. Roscoe is a perfect small dog for a family - friendly with strangers and very loving with 'his' people. ROSCOE and ROCKET are brothers but do NOT need to be adopted together. As with almost all scent hounds, these two will require a secure, fenced-in yard. These boys have been indoor dogs all their natural born lives and are fully housebroken. They were owner surrendered due to foreclosure. They are on the smaller side as Beagles go, and are very loving and in excellent health. . Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in a few days we will contact you if your application is a match.