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  Skippy, ~2 years old Male Jack Russell  Mix

"My name is Skippy, My foster mom rescued me from an animal shelter in TN. I had never been indoors so when I got to my foster home it was a little hard to understand all the rules. Mom named me Skippy cause I have a happy little skip in my trot. I was supposed to come to MA a long time ago but I tested positive for heartworms and had to have some very painful treatments, I was also neutered, I have been through a lot but that is behind me. I feel great now and can't wait for my new life. My foster mom says I am a good boy. She calls me a snuggle bum because that is one of my favorite things, I love my toys and play great with all the other dogs here. I know I'm supposed to go outside to go potty. At first I jumped on her for attention, then she taught me the word NO! and Down! so I always try to remember not to do those things. We have two cats here and at first I thought it would be fun to chase them, the cats hissed and swatted and chased me, so I don't chase cats anymore, instead we all sit and watch tv. I love to be indoors, and rides in the car are great, unless we are going to the dogtor, then I get a little sad. I walk pretty good on the leash, but would love to go to the park and practice. I'm not that crazy about being in a crate, I cry when I'm in there for too long, but if I have a toy and a chew bone it's not so bad. Mom says I am a happy boy and makes her smile, I don't know why, I'm just being me!" :-) This little guy is cute, cute, and now available for adoption. He "was" heart-worm positive, but was treated in TN and is available to be shown as of 9/23. He weighs about 10 lbs and is healthy and friendly. Our process is that you fill out the application first, then in one or two days we will contact you if your application is a match. Please read our guidelines under Apply to Adopt as some dogs require a stay-at-home and some dogs require a fenced in yard. Phone calls are discouraged as it takes time away from the care of the dogs to answer questions that might already be on our web site. We tend to put down everything we know. If information is missing, it's usually because we don't know. :-)