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  Sweet, 1 year Female Spaniel/beagle  Mix
Sweet name is Sweet. I'm one year old and I'm spayed. I came from Mississippi. I was rescued from a horrible place by a nice lady who said she was going to find me a REALLY GOOD home. She had gotten a call from the man who was supposed to be feeding me, but wasn't! He told her he didn't want "no pregnant dog" and to come get me! My rescuer didn't want the ACO to wrap a noose around my neck and pick me up and throw me in the back of a pickup truck, so she rode all the way out in the country where I had been dropped off, and she found me! And guess what? I was NOT pregnant! But I was about to die from so many fleas all over me and I was starving to death!! After my rescuer had me spayed and checked for heartworms (and I was heartworm free!), my previous owner called back and said he wanted me!! But when he found out he would have to pay my medical, he got mad and hung up! I was soooo glad.....he never fed me or even gave me water! My rescuer fostered me for months and kept telling me how lucky I was getting to go to Massachusetts! She said I was going to have the best home in the world! I'm a little shy and afraid of people at first, but I just love other dogs. My rescuer thinks I've been abused and will warm up to my new owner after given just a short time! I think she's right! I just want real love! I don't even mind cats!