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  Sadie, 6 years Female Beagle  Mix
Sadie Sadie

Sadie is a loving beagle, she may be small in size but not short of love or personality. While she is a small Beagle, not much bigger than a large cat; she can easily run or walk with her short little legs. Sadie is a six year old beagle who was adopted as a youngster, but her human parents have been out of work for nearly a year and are moving out of state, so she is sadly losing her home. She is very social with people and other dogs and easily makes friends. She has lived with a cat and was good with the cat. Sadie is good with kids, a very social dog. She likes walks and going for rides, and sleeping on the end of the son's bed at night. She likes walks on a leash, rides in the car, visits to the kennels, and sleeping at the foot of your bed. She is house trained and can be crated if you are going out for a few hours with out any accidents while you are away. She is not at all a fussy eater she is use to dry food but likes a treat of moist food or some table scraps. Like most dogs she is easily frightened by fireworks or thunderstorms. She likes to run around and play outside but is not a hyperactive dog as some other breeds are because she is equally happy just to be lying at your side. Overall she makes a great pet as well as a loyal companion. Available to be shown once we start receiving applications.