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  Rocky, ~3.5 years Male Corgi  Mix

Rocky is an adorable 4-year-old 28-lb mixed breed, perhaps Corgi and retriever, who had lived with a family for three years until the baby developed an allergy to dogs. He will bond quickly to his caregiver and be a loyal companion once he gets used to his new surroundings, but he will need a patient person who understands dogs, who can read their body language, and who will allow him the time to settle into his new home. He has been in a foster home for a number of months doing some training, and has become a treasured member of his foster family and their female dog. He loves treats, so is motivated and responsive to training. Rocky is housebroken and well-behaved in the house. Hes a good watchdog and will bark if someone is at the door, but is otherwise quiet. He has a medium energy level and loves to go for leash walks on the road or run off leash in the woods and fields. He loves looking for mice and chipmunks and will hop over a log with the greatest of ease when he's in pursuit of a chipmunk. He also loves to swim in ponds with the geese and can swim for a long time. He would make a great boating dog and hes a nice size for it. He gets along well with all dogs that he meets and has gone to doggie daycare in the past. Rocky can be nervous when meeting new people and occasionally has snapped without breaking the skin. Because of this, we will not allow him to go to a home with children. He will probably do best in a rural or suburban environment. You can meet Rocky at his foster home.