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  Napoleon, ~3 years Male Spitz/Pom  Mix

Napoleon is an adorable 10# neutered male Spitz/Pom mix. He's around 3 yrs old and shy when he meets people for the first time, but after two days he will be completely attached to you, following you everywhere you go and spinning for his treats. He's very cuddly and affectionate with his foster mom, and like many small dogs, he shrinks away from big hands coming at him and is afraid of men. An all female home would be the best setting for him. He has a beautfiul, soft coat and loves to lay by you and snuggle. If you're busy with other stuff, he snoozes on the floor or in his crate. He doesn't chew on things or make mistakes in the house. He loves to go for rides in the car. He's fine on the leash and loves going for walks. He's learned basic obedience commands, hes very smart and eager to learn. He's housebroken but needs to be taken out (on a walk or in fenced in yard). He'll hang out in the crate with the door open during the day, but at night he likes the bed. We hope that eventually he would be able to sleep with his adopter as hes a good sleeper. He loves the company of other dogs but is more attached to his people. Hes wonderful with cats. Not sure of his exposure to children, so best if he went with teens and up or to an adult home. He is available to meet you but because he's in a foster home, please fill out an online application if you would like to meet him so we can bring him here to meet you.