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  Toby, ~1 year Male Rat Terrier / Jack Russell  Mix
Toby Toby

Toby is a small ADORABLE male short-haired terrier who has a HUGE heart. This dog has a soul, you can just see it in his eyes, in his whole expression. Whoever adopts him is going to be so lucky. We wouldn't be surprised if a book was written about him some day. This is one amazing dog who is going to blossom in your home. Like many of our rescues, he was a stray, nobody's dog, unwanted. Hard to believe. But now he is loved and adored by all the volunteers at Save A Dog. Toby is sweet, affectionate and playful. When He greets his people he will try to jump into your arms for hug and kisses. He loves kids and we recommend 10 and up for him. He is afraid of cats, so no cats, please. He can be timid with some men. He has now recovered from an infection in his larynx, probably caused by the intubation during his neuter surgery. He is doing great! When he was rescued he was wandering around a neighborhood in rural TN and people were threatening to shoot him, can you imagine!! Nevertheless, there are angels looking after these dogs because a kind dog lover rescued him, had him neutered and brought him to us to be adopted. If you want to be considered for this little gem, the best way to start the process is to apply online. It's free and it allows us to begin the adoption conversation with you. If you would like to donate towards Toby's medical work-up, we would sure appreciate it. Toby's foster mom says: He is smart, playful and very affectionate. He is great in his crate, on a leash and doesn’t bark in the house. He settles down beautifully and loves bully sticks, peanut butter kongs and his daily walks in the woods. I think he would really like to play with another small dog. He likes to play with Ginger but only up to a point b/c of her size and intensity, even then he holds his own! He loves to chase toys in the back yard and will try to run with stuffed animals almost as big as he is, very amusing. When he gets excited he puts his ears back and crouches down and then springs up and runs in circles. He really wants to bond with his people. Although initially leery of my husband and to a lesser extent my kids he now smothers them with kisses whenever he can. He can be nervous in new situations and around big dogs. Over time he gains confidence and comes out of his shell though. He also gets very nervous when big noisy trucks drive by, but even that has gotten better since he has been here. He is in a foster home so we require an application first so we can arrange for him to be brought to the shelter for the meeting.