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  Rowdy, 15 months Male Dachshund / Italian Greyhound  Mix
Rowdy Rowdy

Rowdy is a 9.5 lb. Dachshund / Italian Greyhound mix who was relinquished by his family along with his brother, Jitters. Rowdy is darker and has a darker head. Jitters is the lighter colored, light brindled one. . Just cute and sweet beyond words! They each have a prance in their step and they have such bouncey personalities. Both were living in WV with a family so they are used to kids, but the owner worked nights and they barked when she was gone, so the land lord said they had to go. They are active and playful. They know how to calm down too and will cuddle up together on their kuranda bed. They are available on 10/19/11. We would consider placing them together.