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  Jeanie, ~ 12 weeks Female Spaniel  Mix
Jeanie Jeanie

Jeanie is a very sweet 12 week old Spaniel mix who needs a special adopter. She was a TN stray pup who has a mild "cherry eye" that is easily repaired by surgery. We have an appointment with the vet to see if it's better to wait until her spay surgery to repair the eye or if it needs to be done right away. Where she came from, a rural town in TN, this minor issue would have been a death sentence for her as there simply aren't the resources to perform this type of surgery on dogs. She has a great outlook on life as this is a minor issue. She likes to play with the other pups and her eye problem doesn't slow her down. She likes toys, will chase a ball, or sit on your lap. She's an affectionate and loving pup who deserves a great family. Won't you open your heart today and be her special adopter? If you're considering Jeanie, please fill out the adoption application so that we can know a little about you before meeting her.