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  Toto, ~ 2 years Male Schnoodle  Mix
Toto Toto

Toto was tied out at a rural Indiana shelter after hours. He is 2 yrs. old, weighs 18.6#, and is such a sweet, sweet boy. He would just as soon be carried around, and be told how darn cute he is, but he does like to run and play. We believe he is a Schnoodle. He was kenneled with Bandit at the shelter, and he gets along with the cats. He arrives on Dec. 18 and is available after his health exam on Dec. 20th. We discourage impulse Christmas puppies or dogs as we are looking for forever homes for our rescued dogs, but if this is a time where you have several weeks off and/or familiy at home and have time to acclimate a new dog in your home, then we welcome you to come meet the dogs. Please keep in mind that as we don't place "gift dogs", we need all decision-makers to be present before making a decision to place a dog with you. If you fill out the online application, it speeds the adoption process. Please bring pictures of your residence and pictures of your last dog (if applicable) so that we can get a sense of you and your family and help you make the best match for both you and the dog.