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  Nikka, 3 years Female Great Dane  Mix
Nikka Nikka

Nikka is a a beautiful and gentle 110 pound Great Dane who is 3 years old. She is a great companion and currently is approved to attend classes at U Mass where her animal behaviorist foster mom is attending. She loves to ride in cars and will jump in and lay down for the ride. Nikka loves to go for walks and she does pretty good, but does pull on the leash some. Nikka is very gentle, loves people, and will follow you from room to room. Nikka loves to lope almost every where she goes and takes it is breathtaking to watch her run. Nikka wants to play with other dogs but doesn't realize her own size so she should have supervised play when with puppies, her favorite pals. Her former owner would like to see Nikka get a home in the country where she can run her heart out. She sleeps in every night and she has not torn anything up, or had any accidents. She is a surrender due to a divorce situation. Her owner tried to keep her, but after bouncing her around a few times and her being locked in a small pen at his parents house, her owner realized letting her go to a good home was the best thing for Nikka. When her 27 year old owner dropped Nikka off at our fosters' home, he was crying as he left his dog behind. He would cry tears of joy if he could see her fostered with one of our volunteers who is a college student majoring in Animal Behavior as Nikka gets to attend all her classes. Please apply online if you are interested in meeting her. She is available.