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  Dusty, ~ 2 years old Male Spaniel / Australian Shepherd / Collie  Mix
Dusty Dusty

Dusty is a nice 2 year old neutered male Border Collie / Spaniel mix with an Australian Shepherd naturally bobbed tail. He is full grown at 50 lbs. Dusty is an absolute love, and likes to lay his head in your lap or under your arm and just loves attention. He's not a dog to sit at home while you're at work, but would be better off with older kids (tweens) to play with him. He has the herding instincts so would probably herd small children. He's still going through the chewing stage so needs bones to chew on or he will choose shoes. He hasn't been exposed to cats very much. His history is sad: he showed up in a WV neighborhood in June and was drawn to children playing so they brought him home and he was then brought to a dog rescuer. His coat was in bad shape from lack of care and so he was treated for demodectic mange. He's recovered now. He was put on a grain-free food and supplements and he did great on them. He has a ravenous appetite so is not a "grazer" when it comes to food. He loves other dogs and has many playmates. He just does not like to share his food with them. Please apply if you're interested in meeting him. He is available NOW.