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  Albert, ~ 1 year old Male Chihuahua  Mix

Albert is a an adorable one year old Chihuahua mix who is a cute little guy. He seems to have some Chihuahua and some other small breed mixed in. We're looking for an adopter who is experienced with small dogs. He is a comedian. He talks to his toys. He races through the house with a toy in his mouth and if he bangs into the wall, then bites his leg in retaliation, then realizes it's his leg. He throws his toys up in the air and catches them. He loves standing on his back legs and putting his paws around your neck. He is obedient, good in his crate, happily chews on his bones, he's house trained, walks great on leash. He knows Sit, Stay, and Down. If the snow is too deep he will go on the wee wee pads. He loves walks, loves the car, loves cuddling. He is afraid of bigger dogs, understandable so, but gets along great with other little dogs and currently resides with 3 other males in his foster home. Most of the time he is the sweetest little dog, but he has a couple of little dog quirks. He's not a barker, but if he doesn't know you, you can't just lean over him or quickly pick him up. He wants to meet you first and give a good sniff before a big hand comes over his little head. He's been great with visiting grand children. Apply online if you are interested and we can arrange for you to meet him as he is in a foster home. Thanks so much.