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  Tucker, 18 months Male Lab/Dane/Greyhound  Mix
Tucker Tucker

Tucker is a playful 18 month old Lab mix who needs a new home. His current owner works long hours and it is too long of a day for him to be in the crate so he has been with us and plays with Meryl, his girl friend, every day. They are like two peas in a pod. He would love a girl friend or to go to dog play groups and play with other dogs. His story: he was adopted at 9 weeks of age and has been with one owner. He's a great dog with lots to offer a dog adopter as he's an easy dog. He was in a doggy daycare until the end of December when the driver moved. He has good dog social skills and is all play bows. He can be shy with people at first, but then warms up and bonds quickly. When he was very young his veterinarian thought he had the potential of developing hip dysplasia so went ahead and did the surgery so that he would never have an issue with it. He is nice and tall so he doesn't even look like the type of dog to get it. He may have some Dane in him, but people might assume pit because of his white chest so if that bothers you, he is probably not the right dog for you. He is a really sweet boy who shows no aggression whatsoever. He is really a dream dog. He has never met a cat. He likes kids but wasn't raised with them and would need to be properly socialized. He is with us now at Save A Dog. If you are interested in meeting Tucker, please fill out the online application and we will make arrangements for you to meet him or come during our shelter visiting hours on Sat/Sun 12-3. Apply at