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  Charming, ~ 5 years Male English Bulldog  Mix
Charming Charming

How about an English Bulldog without the respiratory problems? Charming is your man. He lives up to his name as he has the English Bulldog personality through and through -- and won't have the respiratory problems that most English Bulldogs have! Charming is 4-5 years old and has plenty of spark and playfulness. He is the sweetest, most loveable, affectionate dog. Loves to cuddle and give kisses. He's already neutered and ready to go. He is great with other dogs, and ignores cats. He is a fun loving little man. He has medium energy and loves playing with rope toys in the back yard. He will run around outside for a bit, but when he has worn himself out, he likes to curl up and take a nap. In foster he did not engage with a small older dog but did with younger Shih-tzu. He is good on a leash but will pull hard if he is on s scent so needs the no-pull harness sometimes. We prefer an adult home since he is coming from an adult home, but visiting kids are fine. He weighs 35 lbs. He sleeps through the night on a dog bed in a crate with the door open. Seems to prefer this to sleeping out of the crate, but hates being in a crate with the door shut. Apply at WILL NOT BE AT THURSDAY MEET & GREET.