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  Juno, 14 months Female Australian Shepherd / Border Collie  Mix
Juno Juno

Juno is a 14 month old Australian Shepherd / Border Collie / Great Py mix. Her personality is more Border Collie or herding breed and is smaller than we first thought. She may grow to be a 50-60 lb dog. This girl is just beautiful, she is full of life and will require an active life. Herding dogs do not do well just sitting around. She get along with other dogs, if you have another dog, you will want a match for her energy level, she will still be playing when others want to quit. She has manners in the house, but is still a pup so can sometimes get into things. Juno is house trained and knows her basic commands either by voice or hand signals. She will chase cats if they run, being a typical herder. She is a beautiful ball of soft fluffy fur, with sky blue eyes. Prior to being brought to Save A Dog, Juno was in foster with three large dogs. She is house trained and is very social and of course thinks the world revolves around her. As puppies go, she has a calm temperament.