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  Belle, 5 months Female Lab  Mix

Belle is a very loving and sweet 5 month old female Lab pup who needs a home and family of her own. She loves attention and will let you love on her all day long if you have the time. She is very good in her crate for 5-6 hrs. at night, if you let her out early morning to go potty, she is good in the house for a couple of more hours with a dog door. You will find Belle quietly laying in the kitchen watching you cook or do dishes. She loves to be with her people. Belle is still learning her manners, but she is very well behaved for a puppy. She will need to be allowed to mature before spaying soas to avoid all the health problems of the pediatric spay in the large breed dogs. We give a spay rebate to our puppy adopters. Please fill out an application if you are interested as she is a very adoptable pup who will be very popular amongst our applicants.She will be shown on Sat and then on Sunday if not already spoken for.