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  Albert, 10-11 months Male Boxer / Hound / Lab / Lab  Mix
Albert Albert

UPDATE: Albert had many applications this weekend. We apologize to everyone that we were not able to personally notify. Albert is a wonderful and sweet gentle pup, now 52 lbs. He loves everyone including dogs. He is very enthusiastic about everything. He is also very smart. He gets excited about walks but if you tell him to sit he will sit and wait for his leash to be put on. He loves to go for hikes in the woods and he stays on trail with us. He is very well mannered when we meet someone else along the trail and does not pull on leash. Albert taught himself to play fetch and will bring you a ball or a Kong, drop it near you or place it in your hand to play. He loves to run and play with the other foster dogs so another pal would be great but not a requirement. He sleeps through the night on and is housebroken with a dog door. He loves car rides and will jump right into the car. Albert loves puppies and is very patient and gentle with them. They will crawl all over him and pull on his lips and ears and he just ignores them. He is crate trained, but does not like it! Albert is very smart, sweet and gentle. He would be a great addition to an active family!