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  Augie, ~ 6 months Male Plott Hound / Retriever  Mix
Augie Augie

Augie, 6 months Male Plott Hound / Retriever mix. Augie is sweet, intelligent and eager to please. He is a beautiful brindle but at 38 lbs. is an adorable combo of legs and ears. He definitely has the wonderful plottt hound temperament and could possibly be a good candidate for search and rescue. Augie was in the shelter from a very young age and is more then ready for a home of his own. He is an active dog and will need to be challenged. But his intelligence makes him a joy to work with. Besides walking 2-3 miles every day, his foster people have taken Augie on a few hikes on the trails in the state parks around here. He is such a good trail dog and hiking companion. He stays out in front of you but does not pull or put pressure on the leash. He keeps moving at a good pace and does not stop too often to smell and nose thing. Wen we come across other hikers with dogs he is not a nuisance and does not bother other people or their dogs. He loves hiking and loves going for long walks in the woods. If someone is a hiker, Augie would make a great companion! Augie has a huge heart and wants to be someone’s forever companion. Please help speed the process by applying online before meeting him.