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  Nina, 15 Months Female Min Pin / Chihuahua / Italian Greyhound  Mix
Nina Nina

GREAT WITH KIDS! This is Nina she is 8 lbs and reputed to be a min pin. She is 15 months old. Nina is everything you would ever want in a small dog. She has PERSONALITY PLUS and is an easy keeper. If you are looking for a lap dog, here you are. Nina was an owner surrender and needs a new home. Nina is just adorable . Nina was owned by an elderly woman and she could no longer keep her (she had her since she was a puppy). Nina has been in foster care for sometime now and is happy that she has discovered other dogs, cats and lots of people coming over to visit. She will use pee pads but is now loving doing her business outside in the yard -- she had no yard before. She walks and does her business on leash. She LOVES to play and will put toys on your foot for you to throw for her. She will not let you ignore her!! She loves to snuggle up on the couch and sometimes if you're sitting she will get on your shoulder to curl up -- she makes a great neck warmer!!! She crates well now, but had some bad crate experience in the past so being very gentle with positive rewards would be in everyone's best interest in this area. She is learning to play with other dogs but use caution, as she thinks that playing, is running after them barking, and could get her in trouble with another dog. Her foster mom says: She is TOO CUTE! She has been so awesome in my house and at work with me. She is crating nicely. She has even voluntarily gone in her crate to nap once in a while. She is super quiet and has only barked maybe 2 times. She rides nicely in the car (in the back so she can't hop in my lap - she'd want to). LOVES to play with toys and will fetch all day. Has been great with the kids. Loves to give kisses and also curl up on your lap once she has had her fill of kisses. I was holding her while laying on the couch watching TV and we both fell asleep and slept soundly for hours! She has been great with the dogs she has met as well as ALL the people she has met. She wakes the kids up by climbing all over them and licking their faces until they finally give in and roll out of bed and play with her! She deserves the most spectacular home as she is such a darling dog. I can't say enough great things about her. She loves people so please make sure someone will spend LOTS of time with her and dote on her. She deserves it. Apply at