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  Rocket, 10 weeks Male Australian Shepherd/Wire-haired Terrier  Mix
Rocket Rocket

Rocket is one of Celia's pups and he loves the water! He thinks the water bowl is his personal pool. He digs at the water until there is not one drop left. He is soft and a little shy, so a gentle, dog-experienced home would be best for him. He has the terrier-coat, but is the calmest of all the puppies. Celia's Puppies were born on November 19th. He is paper trained but prefers to do his business outside. A harness with leash is a good way to leash train a puppy. They run and wrestle for hours and then plop down for a long nap, wake up and go again.They are puppies though, with sharp claws and sharp teeth, so small children are not advised. They love to eat shoelaces and tug and climb on pant legs. They are so young they will need a stay at home situation in order to be properly socialized -- the rule of thumb is not more than one hour alone for each month of the puppy's age. Please note we do not spay and neuter young puppies as it causes health problems later on. Spaying and neutering upon maturity is a requirement, however. We are showing him from 1-3 on Sat and 12-3 on Sunday.