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  Rose, 1 year Female Spaniel / Sheltie / Beagle  Mix

Rose is a sweet and personable dog who gets along well with dogs, cats and people. Rose was listed as a Long Haired Beagle, but there is no such thing so we're estimating that she has some spaniel or Collie mixed in. She's spayed and weighs around 20 lbs. She's approximately 1 years old. Her foster mom in WV says: "I had Rose loose in the house, she was very well behaved, she got along with my 7 dogs. She and another small dog played together every day. She sat on our laps often and never made a sound. She waited on her food and knew where she would be fed. She didnít want to be closed in away from the other dogs -- she wanted to be part of the pack. She went outside with them and blended in fine. She would sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom and didnít try to get on the bed, but then there wasnít much room with 7 other dogs. She was eating fine, preferring soft food, so she gets a mix. She was never too sure what to do with a dog bone and usually had it stolen from her, she never cared. She stayed in the house while I was gone with my 3 beagles and there were no problems. She ignored the three cats." She is available now. Pictures were taken just after her bath. Her fur is much softer than it appears. Videos: temperament: short of her: