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  Twist, ~ 2 - 3 years Female Lab/Corgi  Mix
Twist Twist

Twist is a spayed about 2-3 yr female mixed breed dog that was in the animal shelter in TN. She was very afraid with all the big scary dogs around her. When they all started barking she would run outside in freezing temps just to get away, she thought she was going to be eaten. So she was taken out of the shelter and placed in foster. She was instantly accepted by all the other dogs in the foster home, which is always a very good sign of temperament. She is such a good girl, she wants to play with all the dogs, even the puppy, she loves soft squeaky toys has had no accidents in the house, and is just an all around love. She was left in an apartment when the owners moved away and the landlord called animal control. She should be a great fit with any family, but has not been child tested yet. She will need to shed some lbs, Save a dog will evaluate and a safe weight loss program will need to be followed to get her where she needs to be on her weight. We just can't believe such a sweet girl would be abandoned.