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  Josey, 2 years Female Lab/Hound  Mix
Josey Josey

Josey, 2 years Female Lab/Hound Mix Fabulous with cats, dogs, kids and she's completely house trained! Josey has such a strong desire to please and is learning quickly house rules. She will need consistency and boundaries to continue her success. She has mastered how ‘sit’ and is learning to ‘stay’. She rides well in the car and wants to go every where with you. She gets along with the other dogs and loves to play with them. Josey is also good w/cats, she enjoys the cats as much as the dogs. She would be happiest not being left alone for long periods of time. She really craves human companionship and has so much love to give. Here's what her foster mom says about her - "She is a counter surfer and is always looking for food, she hasn't touched anything in the house. She sleeps in my bed at night and doesn't move all night. I think her desire to shred and eat things only happens when she is alone. The first night she was here, she slept in the crate in my bedroom and she slept in a dog bed and didn't touch it, so I let her have it when I went to work the next day and she shredded it to pieces. I think she hates to be alone. She follows me everywhere and has to be right by me though she has gotten to the point where she can stay in another room when I take a shower. And she is the sweetest, most loving little dog and really tries hard to please. It is just that all those smells in the kitchen get to be to much and she has to surf. And when the kids across the street are playing outside she just has to climb up into the bay window to check to see what they are up to. She loves kids! I think she needs a stay at home, with a fenced in yard, and someone who can provide adequate exercise. She really does want to be good. It is just so hard. But she is really the sweetest, most affectionate, loving dog. Once she gets over greeting me when I come home, she calms down and is really good in the house. Usually just curls up beside me on the sofa and loves to sit in my lap. And she is good with my dog and doesn't get in her face and is also good with the cats. She is just one of those dogs who needs someone to go the extra mile for this very sweet dog." Josey is a good girl but she chewed up an extension cord and had to have it removed, so we are still raising funds to pay her medical bill.