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  Lady, 1 year Female Yellow Lab / Whippet  Mix
Lady Lady

Lady is a beautiful, joyful, smart and energetic young lab-whippet mix (1 years old). She trains quickly and enjoys new challenges and loves long walks. She is happy meeting new people and new dogs, and she is completely house-trained. She will gently wake you in the night if she needs to go out. She has a lot of love to give and will bring joy to your life with her. She was a stray in TN and showed up at a good home. She was cared for and won their hearts but unfortunately they could not keep her. This little beauty is just a joy to have around. She is gentle and gets along very well with other dogs. She has not bothered the resident cats. Her foster mom says: We have been working on ‘leave it’, and in her short time here, she is making progress. Excellent cuddler. A very light eater. Loves to play with all my dogs – and all the toys that are strewn about the house and the yard. She sleeps in the crate; eats in the crate; has her down time in the crate. Extremely curious, but not easily frightened by household noises like washing machines, TV’s, vacuum cleaners, etc. Working on ‘sit’ and no jumping, and she is showing excellent advances. She is a great medium size for the home, but she enjoys a yard to wander and sniff. She loves the out doors so a physical fence is a requirement for her forever home. Lady is not clingy but enjoys human company. She is house trained. We think she would do fine with a younger family with a fenced in yard.