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  Maggie, 1 year Female Cairn Terrier  Mix
Maggie Maggie

Maggie, a young female Cairn Terrier mix, is adorable and spunky. She loves to play! She's not a wallflower by any means and she is fast like lightning so cannot live on a busy road. She's curious and fun loving. She would be fine for teens and up or a single, but please be home for her. You would never know she had a tough beginning. She was brought to an office by a couple who found her in a cemetery along a rural area in TN. She was very hungry and limping from her ordeal. The rescuers provided medical care and searched for her home with no luck. Maggie weighs 11 lbs. She is house trained if kept on a schedule and does fine in a crate. Maggie loves to play with other dogs. We have not had her around children yet so older kids preferable. She will entertain herself with chews and toys and loves to be with her humans. Maggie loves to ride in the car and go for walks. She is very well mannered and listens well. Maggie likes to curl up on your feet or on the couch next to you.