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  Lucy, 8 months Female Lab  Mix
Lucy Lucy

Lucy is a 8 month old spayed black Lab mix who weighs 35-40 lbs. Miss Lucy's most favorite thing is the softest dog bed in the house. She is not selfish and gladly snuggles with other foster dogs on it. She is great with the foster cat too. Lucy walks on her leash and as she walks will constantly look up at you with love in her eyes. She is so appreciative of any attention it is heartbreaking. She rides fine in the car and gets along with all sizes of dogs in foster. She has had no accidents in the house. Her foster mom says "Fostering Lucy has been a pleasure and a privilege". What a sweet pup! She won't be coming until 4/24 because she took a tumble just before getting on the van and was limping so they held her back. It turns out it's just a bruise.