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  Lucas, 5 months Male Foxhound/Dalmation  Mix

Lucus is a foxhound mix 5 months old and about 25 lbs Lucus was a stray found in TN. he has a smooth coat with polka dots developing on his ears so may have some Dalmatian in him. He is a young pup and enjoys learning. He has been working very hard on his manners. He loves attention and exercise so long walks or hikes would be great for him. He is learning to leave the foster cat alone. He plays with the dogs in the foster and loves to play with Lucy. He has had no accidents in the house but needs to go out often until a routine is established for him. Crates are not his favorite thing but he is working on it, lately he has been going in to nap on his own so he is getting there. He will be availab le 4/12 at our Meet & Greet.