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  Kara, 4-5 months Female Aussie / Collie / Retriever  Mix
Kara Kara

Kara is a 5 month old beautiful Australian Shepherd mix with blue merle coloring. She is already spayed and is medium-sized. We don't expect she will be a large dog as she's petite medium in size. She is most unique, she is very fluffy, with green eyes and beautiful markings. She and the other fosters play all day. She plays well with all the new dogs, and greets them with happy tail wagging. She is house trained and used to a dog door, but it is not a requirement. A fenced in yard would be ideal. Kara and Peanut love the water and are usually dripping wet most of the day. Best with adults or older children as they are little herding dogs and will grab your pant legs when you walk, not to hurt, but they are just doing what they were meant to do. This breed of dog can be too much for a first time dog owner, they need to be trained from the start and are very intelligent, and often times are misunderstood. She chases cats so maybe cats would not be a match for her. She LOVES belly rubs and that is the way to her heart!