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  Buster, 12-14 weeks Male Lab  Mix
Buster Buster

This is Buster. He is a 12-14 week old black Lab mix. He and his Mother were found wandering a neighborhood in Tennessee. After a couple of days it became quite obvious that this pair was dumped there, left to fend for themselves. The two found themselves at the right home, as these people began taking care of the pair. Buster and his Mom did such a good job of looking out for each other. They each made sure not to gobble the food in the bowl and to be sure the other one was also getting their fair share. Buster’s Mom would “tuck him” in at night, by checking on him in his house before she would retire to her own. Buster has found his own courage and independence and has done very well since their separation. Buster is learning to play with toys and needs chew toys. He will chase a tennis ball, pick it up but has not yet figured out that he needs to bring it back to you. When first meeting you, Buster will take a couple of minutes of studying the situation, and then he will be your best buddy, wagging his entire body. He has quickly caught on as to when and where the treats are given. Buster is curious of the kitten in his foster home, and will not enter the room if the kitten is in the doorway, but will lay with the kitten on their pet bed. Buster has not had training walking on a leash, but should catch on quickly with some gentle persuasion. Buster has been doing very well with house training, only having a couple of accidents. Crates are not a favorite place for him, but He will go in to his crate with little resistance. Buster has been a very loving boy, giving licks and tail wags. He loves to be with people and enjoys playing with the other dogs in his foster Home. Buster is a very smart, happy and easy going fellow.