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  Agave, 2-3 years Female Plott Hound / Retriever  Mix
Agave Agave

Agave was adopted to a wonderful couple, but her prey drive for squirrels was an unknown that they were not able to address. Inside the house she is a couch potato, but outside a little hunter. She is best with a fenced in yard over 5 feet just to be on the safe side. If any dog deserves a forever happy home it’s this sweet beautiful girl. Agave and her pup Buster were dumped in a neighborhood in TN. They wandered around scared and starving. Finally a kind lady took them in until rescue was able to get them. In the meantime the woman observed that Agave wouldn’t eat until her pup finished and she wouldn’t lay down to sleep until she knew her pup was safely tucked in. We have observed this behavior before in Plott hounds and can’t say enough about this wonderful breed. Agave went into a foster home and her pup went to another. This was necessary to give them each the best chance to develop properly. After the separation, Agave went into a deep depression and seemed paralyzed by her sadness and pain. But rescue refused to give up on her. With time and love she slowly started coming around. And now she has blossomed into a wonderful dog. Rescue wanted to encapsulate the essence of her touching sweet nature and that is why she’s name Agave. She has so much love in her heart and she will make someone an incredibly devoted companion. She wants to be near her human as much as possible. She is completely housetrained, sleeps fine in a crate or a soft bed, and rides perfectly in the car. She needs daily exercise and especially enjoys long walks. Her coloring is a marbled brindle and is very striking. This is not a dog that you would get as a companion for another dog. She is fine with other dogs but she needs a human to closely bond with. This special girl comes with a strong desire to please. The depth of her love is hard to describe but it is definitely reflected in her beautiful amber eyes. She needs someone that has the time to show her how truly wonderful the world can be. Agave certainly deserves that. Precious! She is happiest with a fenced in yard and her people home. She loved the doggy door at her first foster home, but does enjoy leash walking.