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  Honi, 2 Years Female Whippet  Mix
Honi Honi

Honi is a 30 lbs Whippet Mix she is about 2 yrs Another hidden treasure in a Tn animal shelter. Honi is just beautiful with brindle coat with hints of honey hues she is striking. She is smaller then she appears in the photo and is very fine boned and petite. Honi is very affectionate and wants to please her human. Currently she has many dog friends and plays with them all. She also is the first in the crowd to greet new fur friends. She is 100% house trained and was quick to pick up on the dog door. She is not yet comfortable being crated but is trying so hard. She has a lot energy dog and would do well with regular exercise or another dog in the home. She would do great at dog parks. She is not a barker. She does love to chase squirrels and she makes a funny whining sound when there is a chase. She is a sweet dog and deserves a family of her own.