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  Bon Bon, 9 Weeks Female Rhodesian Ridgeback  Mix

Bon Bon is a tiny 5 lb baby Rhodesian Ridgeback mix from the island of Anguilla. She has the tell-tale ridge down her back that indicates there's some of this breed thrown in the mix, but she is very small. She is so young she will need a stay at home family with tweens and up. Big things come in small packages! Bon Bon is a little firecracker looking to play with anyone or anything! She craves being around people, but also loves to try to engage any dog or cat who is willing to romp! She can be a little timid at first meeting, but quickly succumbs to her playful curiosity and is ready for fun. She has the typical high energy of a puppy, but will settle down for the night after a few minutes of complaining. She is pee pad trained, and is ready to move on to crate-trained house breaking – though remember she is still a young pup who will need many breaks and routine training. Because she is small and quick, and wants to be as close to her human as possible, she often gets underfoot and caution around the elderly or toddlers should be exercised. She is currently teething and those tiny teeth are needle sharp. Bon Bon would do best in an active household or with another “puppy tolerant” dog looking for a playmate. This little flower should blossom into a fun, medium sized family pet.