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  Mandy, 1-2 Years Female Bloodhound / Redbone  Mix
Mandy Mandy

Mandy, 1.5 years Female Blood Hound/Redbone Mix Mandy, the sweetest dog you will ever meet, was rescued from a high kill shelter in TN with her four babies. They were all going to be euthanized but rescue was able to get to them in time. Mandy was a caring, loving mother but unfortunately one of her babies died. It was determined that she had mastitis and the hard decision was made to put her pups into another foster home to bottle-raise them. Her puppies are all thriving and will be ready to come to Save A Dog in another month. Mandy is now ready for her forever home. Her foster family says she is a one in a million dog. Besides her elegant coloring, she is gentle, sweet, quiet and accepting of everyone and everything. She is very laid back and loves a soft pad to lounge on and healthy chews. She is not a big fan of water but will tolerate her bath. She would love a safe fenced yard to be able to sniff and explore but after a short time she is eager to come inside. She is completely house broken. Mandy plays well with all sizes of dogs and also is very sweet around the four cats in the home. She is intrigued by the horses outside but keeps a respectful distance. Because she enjoys the company of other dogs she would do well at a dog park or another dog in the house. She has not been around children in her foster home but they canít imagine that she wouldnít be anything but wonderful and gentle around them. Mandy really looks to have a strong bond with her person. She basks in love and attention but is not demanding or clingy. Her sweet disposition and big floppy ears are sure to steal the right personís heart.