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  China, Young Female Cockatiel
China China

China is a very young, grey, female cockatiel looking for an awesome home. She is super social and loves her people. She will sit on your shoulder for hours while you work around the house. She does have her full wings, but usually only chooses to fly to her favorite people. She loves to eat all kinds of fresh and cooked foods in addition to her dry diet of mostly pellets. She loves to bathe and flaps her wings and hangs upside down when you spray her with water. She loves to chew up wood and play with toys. She's very busy and very sweet. If you are looking for an easy going bird to be your best friend, you've found her! China would love a home with a single person, or a small family with older children. Please no cats or dogs in the home with prey drive, we want China to be safe and comfortable. She can go as an only bird or to a home with other birds. Prior bird experience is a plus. Where she was found as as stray, keeping her safe and preventing her from escaping is of utmost importance. Most bird experts recommend 12-16 toys should be available for a bird to play with at any one time, and recommend adding or moving them around their cage at least weekly to keep their environment interesting. Email for an application. We don't know how old she is, but she's young.