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  Hazel, 10-13 Female Pug  Mix

Hazel is a senior looking to find a cozy quiet home to rest on her laurels. She has been living outside for a very long time. She is a sweet, quiet and low energy dog despite the neglect. She is really hoping to find her loving home here. She would love a senior parent or a quiet home to become her hospice home. She is very easy to have around and requires love only! She is spayed. Because she is older our vet ran extensive blood work on her and we did a chest xray and ultrasound. She just has a bit of bronchitis that is clearing up. One eye is smaller than the other, probably due to an old injury. It's not bothering her so surgery is not needed. She also has some cracked teeth which aren't bothering her. We have her on a remedy to regulate the thyroid and we see an improvement in her coat already. She's on the raw diet to jump start her health and is responding well. She's the easiest dog on earth and is content to lie on her bed or to explore the yard. Access to a back yard makes her happy. She is a love! Hazel will be at Sunday's Meet & Greet only.