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  Brandon, ~ 1 year Male Bully/Terrier  Mix
Brandon Brandon

Brandon is a one year old Terrier/Bully mix. He is so quiet in his kennel, never makes a peep ever. He knows his basic obedience commands, but he plays rough like a Bully breed and he has the size of an English Bulldog with a look of a Jack Russell. He has a lot of drive so is not for your average dog owner but for someone who wants to take him far or train him for a dog sport or a job, he would be fabulous. He's like a big puppy. He loves tennis balls and if you toss a ball he's in HEAVEN! He is a happy playful boy with dogs and people. He's 33 lbs which is a nice size for traveling or hiking. He's like a big teenager sometimes and gets excited jumping and some hard mouthing so teens and up would be best. Aside from his mouthiness, Brandon has many qualities. One of the volunteers who has been working with him writes, "During his day time outings Brandon walks beautifully on leash. He takes long strolls with his dog friend and loves to stop and smell. He never tugs or barks at passing dogs or people and meets other dogs politely. Car riding is a joy with Brandon. He loves to curl up and nap in a dog bed while riding and occasionally peeks his head out the window. In the house Brandon is so quiet and never barks but likes to be busy. With dog toys scattered in the house Brandon enjoys a game of bringing each toy outside. Brandon is still a pup and needs to learn boundaries of not jumping on his person and play biting. He's a good boy. While we're preparing his meals, he does an amazing sit position waiting patiently and never counter surfs. He has so many great qualities but needs strong leadership so he learns that his occasional jumping is not acceptable." He will be shown at our Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday Meet and Greet events at our shelter.