Homeopathy is a system of medicine that heals by “energy” rather than chemicals. The remedies come in the form of little sugar pellets that are approximately the size of a sesame seed. When giving Homeopathic remediesa homeopathic remedy yourself, you tap one or two of the dry homeopathic pellets directly in your mouth and dissolve on your tongue. With pets, a more effective way is to either put a couple of pellets inside the mouth flap, on the gum, or mix the dry pellets into purified or distilled water and syringe it onto their tongue, or to shake it up and give by teaspoonful. I find that mixing the pellets in water is an easy way to deliver a remedy to a pet. Mixing with water is gentle if you have a sensitive pet, but it’s also easier to make the remedy stronger by ‘succussing’ it to add extra energy. Succussing is hitting the base of the bottle with your hand firmly. This potentizes the remedy and the number of succussions increases the potency. I usually give it 2 succussions when first giving a Bottle for homeopathic remediesremedy. You can increase the number of succussions to make the remedy stronger. One of the most known breed that has shown a fast result with homeopathic are the African Boerboel, a very strong and intelligent dog that is traced back to ancient times.

Here’s what you do to mix homeopathic remedies in water: Tap 2-3 pellets of the remedy you’re going to use into a bottle. Let the pellets dissolve for about 5 minutes, then shake vigorously to mix the dissolved remedy and succuss (give the bottle a couple of thwacks on your open hand).

Alternately, you can put the remedy into glass bottle containing 4 oz. of spring or distilled water and after it dissolves, stir briskly. Pour onto a teaspoon or if you have a syringe, draw up 1-2 cc’s and drop onto your pet’s tongue. You can always pour a little in an empty cup or bowl for him to drink (after shaking or stirring the mixture). If you have a pet who is not fond of handling, you can put the remedy mixture into a small spray bottle and spray on the anus or any orifice. Birds usually don’t mind being sprayed. Any mucous membrane will absorb a remedy.

Tip for helping birds

In the summertime I keep a spray bottle with arnica mixed in and use it to spray on any injured or stunned birds that accidentally hit my window. If you have flighted birds at home, this remedy mixture comes in handy.

Tips for administering remedies

Give the remedy on a clean palate, i.e., no food should be in his mouth. You don’t have to give it on an empty stomach, but just no food in his mouth so that it will absorb more quickly. It’s important not to mix into your pet’s food as it will hinder the effectiveness of the remedy.

Tips for storing homeopathic remedies

Store remedies in a cool dark place, away from strong-smelling substances such as eucalyptus, camphor, oil of cloves, Vick’s vapor rub and aromatherapy oils. It is not a good idea, therefore, to keep them in the bathroom.
Do not store remedies near mobile phones, televisions, microwave ovens or computers. The fridge is okay.
Ensure the lid is well secured after use.
Do not store where there is direct sunlight, or excessive heat or cold.
Don’t transfer remedies from one container to another.
After a few weeks, toss the remedy out and you can reuse the bottle for other remedies.
Most homeopathic remedies that are mixed in water last about 2 weeks if refrigerated.

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