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Save A Dog, Inc. - Paws in the Park 2019 - On-line Pledges
 Paws in the Park 2019 - Online Pledges
Name:    Robin Zelle
Online Pledges:    $1,395.00
Offline Pledges:    $2,045.00
Total Pledges:    $3,440.00

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.

Personal Message:

Hello Friends It's time for the annual fundraiser at Save A Dog. Save A Dog is entering its 20th year of rescuing dogs. We have rescued over 6000 dogs who have been neglected, abused and abandoned. The money pledged helps provide the surgeries and training these dogs need to find forever and loving homes. Pictured is Kirby Zelle, born in 2005 and rescued from Save A Dog in 2006. Please donate what you can to help this wonderful organization continue its work. Thank you Robin

If you have a twitter or facebook account you can help me even more by clicking on the Tweet or Like buttons below. The more people that are willing to help, the more successful a fundraiser Paws in the Park 2019 will be!

  Online Pledges:
Name Date Pledge
Jennifer Wolfsberg 07:23:55 Feb 26, 2019 PST $200.00
Frederick Livingston 13:31:53 Mar 08, 2019 PST $50.00
Audrey Chijner 18:12:25 Mar 18, 2019 PDT $100.00
Susan Kass 18:45:47 Mar 18, 2019 PDT $100.00
Gail Merchant 00:55:17 Mar 19, 2019 PDT $40.00
Deirdre Levine 01:27:48 Mar 19, 2019 PDT $250.00
Joseph Sweeney 08:34:54 Mar 29, 2019 PDT $100.00
Debra Sugarman 12:29:08 Apr 23, 2019 PDT $250.00
Richard Band 13:21:10 Apr 26, 2019 PDT $180.00
Martin Levin 12:15:46 Apr 30, 2019 PDT $25.00
Carolyn Korbin 11:54:13 May 05, 2019 PDT $100.00

Last Modified: 5/5/2019 2:54:19 PM EST  

If you wish to sponsor Robin Zelle, please use the PayPal button below. Once your online pledge has been processed, your name will appear in the list of Online Pledges.

Thank you for supporting Save A Dog!

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.
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