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Save A Dog, Inc. - Paws in the Park 2020 - On-line Pledges
 Paws in the Park 2020 - Online Pledges
Name:    Betsy Athan
Online Pledges:    $1,000.00
Offline Pledges:    $1,550.00
Total Pledges:    $2,550.00

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.

Personal Message:

Paws in the Park is Virtual this year! I will be walking with Maggie on or about September 20 to raise funds for Save A Dog. Maggie is almost 14 but still loves to hike for several miles! Save A Dog has rescued thousands and thousands of abandoned dogs in its 21 years. This year is especially challenging because we have not been able to hold our usual fundraisers. Even so, we are continuing to find homes for many dogs (and now cats too) but our funds are getting low. Anything you can donate to help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

If you have a twitter or facebook account you can help me even more by clicking on the Tweet or Like buttons below. The more people that are willing to help, the more successful this virtual fundraiser will be!

  Online Pledges:
Name Date Pledge
Anonymous 22:16:28 Sep 06, 2020 PDT $50.00
Anonymous 07:29:41 Sep 07, 2020 PDT $25.00
Anonymous 16:55:08 Sep 07, 2020 PDT $25.00
Anonymous 19:13:59 Sep 08, 2020 PDT $100.00
Michael Blau 19:44:41 Sep 08, 2020 PDT $200.00
Anonymous 05:46:30 Sep 09, 2020 PDT $150.00
Deborah Diverdi 07:07:07 Sep 09, 2020 PDT $25.00
Rachel Bodner 09:00:48 Sep 09, 2020 PDT $25.00
Robert Triba 05:17:00 Sep 10, 2020 PDT $25.00
Roberta Zallen 12:38:56 Sep 10, 2020 PDT $100.00
Kathlyn Nowak 10:50:44 Sep 11, 2020 PDT $50.00
Mary Tuttle 13:59:56 Sep 12, 2020 PDT $50.00
Sarah Oshinsky 06:06:01 Sep 16, 2020 PDT $100.00
Andrea Belford 09:13:09 Sep 16, 2020 PDT $75.00

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If you wish to sponsor Betsy Athan, please use the PayPal button below. Once your online pledge has been processed, your name will appear in the list of Online Pledges.

Thank you for supporting Save A Dog!

 I wish my donation to be anonymous to the public.
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