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Dogs Adopted in April 2004

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 Dogs Adopted in April 2004

Kiwi, 7 yr old Female German shepherd Adopted
I am such a good girl that deserves a second chance.            

Renamed Feli. Read her Success Story

Macy, 8-9 mons Female Shih Tzu Adopted
Macy is a white female Shih tzu pup about 8 or 9 months who needs a stay at home as she was turned in for separation anxiety. She will need to be crate trained and house trained. She is just a lovely puppy who wants to play. We will consider applications from folks who work from home part time. No families with small children, please as she is just a baby herself.

Read her Success Story

Hunter, 5 years old Male Lab/Husky Mix Adopted
Hi, My name is Hunter. My mom was a purebred lab, but dad is a Siberian Husky. I was in a home until recently. My owner could not keep me anymore. I've always been an only pet but played with a large dog next door. I didn't get much exercise at my last place as we didn't have a fenced in yard, but I love to chase balls and go for walks. Outside I love to run around, but inside I'm a couch potato.

Read his Success Story

Bethany, 2 yrs Female Rottweiler/Beagle Mix Adopted
Bethany is a 35 lb. Rottweiler/beagle mix with beautiful soulful eyes. She's fully housetrained, crate trained, doesn't chew on anything except her toys, not a barker, plays nicely with both dogs and children (although likes to jump up, so may knock the "wee" ones over) and is a big couch potato. She's very playful and sweet and wants nothing more than to follow you around and cuddle up next to you.

Renamed Peanuts. Read her Success Story

Dory, 16 weeks Female Pointer/Whippet Mix Adopted
Dory is an adorable 16 week old pointer mix pup who is sweet. She loves nothing better than to sit on your lap or play with a toy by your side. She learned to sit in one five minute clicker training session and she loves to sit for treats. She has all the grey ticking of a pointer. She is very affectionate and loves everybody, including kids and other dogs.

Read her Success Story

  Fionn, 10 years Male Wheaton Terrier, Blind    Adopted
Fionn Fionn

Fionn's foster mom and family could not bear to let Fionn go, so they all adopted him.

Read his Success Story

Fionn (meaning brave in Irish) is a ten year old Wheaton Terrier who was left out in the cold, tied to a stake with a rope too short to reach his dog house, hence he was seized by the animal control folks for having no shelter. He was severely matted, so much so that he could not go to the bathroom. No dog deserves to live like he has been forced to live for God knows how long. Thank God our rescue angels have taken him in where he now enjoys a warm bed and some good food.

Fionn may have lost his eyes, but now that he is no longer in pain he's reclaimed his puppyhood. His favorite pastimes include playing chew-heads with his one-year-old foster brother, Rocky (Save a Dog alumnus, October '03), gnawing on raw hide bones, exploring the back yard, barking wildly along with the other dogs when someone rings a doorbell on television, and of course snuggling up to his foster mom for a good belly scratch (his). Once Fionn learned not to jump off the couch onto his sleeping 11 year old foster brother who is also blind, they became fast friends and now like to lie next to each other when they chew bones. He would do well as an only dog if he wasn't left alone for long periods of time; another dog would be great if the dog was very submissive as Fionn is very vulnerable, not having either the temperament or physical ability to protect himself.

A huge thank you to the following supporters who have donated to Fionn's medical bills.

Anne Huntington
Stephanie Jillian
Nancy Jacobson
Jennifer Smith
Karin Nelson
Andrea Christianson
Adele Halbreich
Marnie and Arick Hammar
Muriel Nelson
Nancy and Charles Jacobson
Florence Funk
Ruth Sheppard
Sherry Chauvin & Susan Keane (in memory of Ming and Nikki)
Christina Aquilino
Ruth Talley
Kathy Greene and Linda Quintilian in memory of Maggie
Jillian Costello (Age 11) She donated her birthday money
Jessie Fliss
Martha Higgins
Sandy Golomb
Jillian Costello and friends (in lieu of birthday presents)
Jay and Sharon Crispo
Linda Flaherty and family
Stephanie Jillian
Trudy Harrison

  Sadie, 7+ years old Female Yellow Labrador Retriever    Adopted

Age: She refuses to tell so we can only estimate
Height: 2 feet
Weight: 56 pounds
Best feature: Big, sad, soulful eyes
Likes: People of all ages, dogs, cats
Pet peeve: Being by herself
Hobbies: Counter surfing (looking for food), chewing marrow bones and rawhides
Favorite pasttimes: Eating, going for walks on a leash, riding in the car, taking naps
Favorite foods: Anything edible

  Jag, 18 mos Male Greyhound / Ibizan Hound  Mix     Adopted
Jag Jag

A sweet guy who is the Dad to Dory and her siblings. Jag. 18 mo. old Greyhound/hound mix. His foster mom says he is a very lovable dog who is eager to learn. He learned sit in one session and is very food motivated. You can give him plenty of treats as he needs to gain some weight. He's a greyhound mix, but looks like an Ibizan Hound. He might knock a small child over but doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He's just a large, goofy dog who needs love and training. He's rock solid crate trained. He is neutered and needs an adoption or foster home before the Easter vacation week as we are boarding him and the kennel where he is staying is booked. Please help!

  Mosley, 7 mos Male Pit bull / Beagle  Mix     Adopted
Mosley Mosley

Mosely is a 7 month old male boxer or pit mix who was recently turned in by his owner due to a death in the family. His fur is soft as a teddy bear and he loves to sit in your lap and be petted. We're trying to figure out if he is really a boxer mixed with beagle as he is very clingly like a beagle and loves to crawl in your lap. He also has markings on his paws like a beagle and much softer fur than a pit or boxer. He is the sweetest dog and an easy keeper. He will curl up at your feet and just chew on a bone. He plays with other dogs, but is afraid of bullies. He is very good natured and is friendly to everyone. He is not high energy and listens. He is being trained and responds well to praise, doesn't always need treats. He's such a good dog. Please be breed experienced as he deserves a great home with someone doesn't mind having a dog who might not be a pit, but who, at first glance, might be mistaken for one..

  Sierra, 1 year old Female Shepherd / Husky  Mix     Adopted

Sierra is a one year old female Shepherd/husky mix who was rescued from the pound and fostered with five children, the youngest being five years old. She is as sweet as can be and very gentle. She doesn't like the crate, so a home with someone there during the day might be preferable. We're working on the crate issue, but most huskies or mixes don't like the confinement. She is supposedly housebroken. She's up to date on shots and spayed.

  Mojo, 1.5 years Male Labrador Retriever    Adopted

Mojo is a 1.5 year old neutered male lab. He's a purebred lab who came from a breeder and he has an excellent temperament with adults and kids. He's just a big, bouncy 80 lb. boy who needs a fenced in yard and someone to give him the time and attention. He was raised by a family with a toddler, an infant and another dog. He is tireless when it comes to chasing balls and running around in the back yard, but he's also pretty good in the house. No jumping up or counter-surfing from this boy. However, he does need to be crated when you're not home as he's a typical lab who chews when he's bored. He is very good with children, but will accidently knock the little ones down as he doesn't know his own strength so maybe older kids would be best. He is otherwise very gentle and readily shares his food and toys with everyone. Like any lab he needs a family who has lots of time for training and ball throwing. He loves to be with people.

  Lucy, 12 years Female Border Terrier    Adopted

Lucy is a purebred Border Terrier whose elderly owner can no longer provide her with the care she needs. She was born Feb 5, 1991 and weighs about 19-23 lbs.
. She is friendly and healthy. She does not bark, this is a great thing, she only barks at other animals.
. She is very well behaved, no jumping up etc. Lucy tends not to jump up on furniture unless she invited.
. Lucy would make a great companion dog for one person, a couple or a group of older people. I would say she is not a dog for children. She tends to like to herd the kids she has been with, and although she has NEVER bitten, she does better with adults then with the fast moving children.
. Lucy has her own spot in the kitchen and sleeps in her bed (a small round cat bed, but we never tell her it is a "cat" bed).
. Lucy loves to be outside. Her Mom uses a lead for her and she will lay in the sun quietly and enjoy the back yard.
. Lucy also loves to go for walks and walks well on a leash. She is very use to walking on leash and does not pull.
. Lucy loves to ride in the car and is a good passenger. She rides well un-restrained and restrained. They have used the doggie seat belts in the past for her own safety. She does not need a seat belt, she does not jump around in car.
. They have taken Lucy on road trips and she has stayed on with her owners in vacation homes and has done very well adjusting to her new spot. They just bring her bed and she is all set.
. Lucy loves to just be in the room where you are in, a very good companion. Preference will be given to a retiree or senior, but we will consider other applications as well.

  Delta, 8 years old Female Beagle    Adopted

Delta is an 8 year old spayed female beagle whose elderly owners must give up as they are going into a nursing home. She is a real sweetie and needs a place to live out her years. She is used to being alone for up to 4 hours during the day.She uses a run in the yard and enjoys walking on the leash.She was last seen by the vet in December 2003. We would gladly give a senior discount for a senior who wants to adopt her.

  Daisy, 15 mons Female Cockerpoo    Adopted
Daisy Daisy

Daisy has done well living with both other dogs and young children. She is young herself and still is chewing. She is crate trained. She is current on her shots. She has been a companion for an elderly aunt and her developmentally disabled son who are no longer able to care for her.

  Baxter, 6 mos Male Beagle    Adopted

Baxter is a six month old male beagle who came from a field trial breeder and he was not a good hunting dog so he is going to be adopted as a pet. He is gorgeous and very affectionate. Friendly to kids and raised with other dogs and animals. He cries loudly in the crate so needs a stay at home or dog buddy.

  Erin, 2 years old Female Chihuahua / Min Pin  Mix     Adopted

This little charmer is Erin. She is a Chihuahua mixed with something a little larger. She is 2 yrs old (as of 2/14) and weighs about 20 lbs. She does have a docked tail. Erin is a very sweet dog. She is gentle and loving. Erin is happy in your lap or by your side. She enjoys meeting new people and bond. She is quiet and calm. She has been fine with the other dogs, but may pay too much attention to the cats. We are sure Erin will please whoever adopts her.

  Chyna, 6 months Female Rottweiler / Shepherd  Mix     Adopted
Chyna Chyna

Chyna is approx. 6 months old and sweet as can be. She is a wonderful pup that gets along well with other dogs. She weighs approx. 35 lbs. She loves to play and walks well on a lead. Good with kids.

  Hardy, 1 year old Male Border Collie  Mix     Adopted

This is Hardy! He is a Border Collie mix who is about 10 1/2 months old (as of 1/9). We think possibly some Newfie as he has the Newfie plume of a tail. He is very people oriented with a happy, outgoing personality. He is good natured and loves every one he meets. He has been good with the other dogs at the foster home in Wayland, but prefers to play with large females as he likes the rough and tumble type. We don't think he would be good with cats. Hardy is very energetic and will need some daily exercise. He is very smart and eager to please, so he should train well. If you are looking for an agility dog, he would be great at that. He is anxious to bond.

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