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Dogs Adopted in August 2002

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 Dogs Adopted in August, 2002

 Zorro, 2 year old male Cattle mix     Adopted
Zorro is a male cattle dog mix who was picked up in Hartford, CT as a stray. He is mild energy, fine with other dogs, likes to be with people and not alone so whomever adopts him is going to have a pal who will bond quickly. He is house broken and not a chewer. He will sit for a treat, catch objects in mid-air, and fetch. He will actually bring the ball back to you. He would fit in well to a number of different situations as he's not underfoot like a puppy, but he likes to go for walks, chase balls, and other doggy-type things. He's a real sweet heart.

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 Ruger, 1.5 year old Male German Shorthaired Pointer     Adopted
Ruger came into a shelter with a lot of dogs because the breeder was not taking care of them. Ruger is very thin, but healthy and very handsome. He likes people and rides nicely in the car. He's also house broken and scratches at the door to go out.

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 Cinder, 2 years old female Lab Mix     Adopted
Cinder was abandoned by her owners and taken in by a nice lady who does dog rescue in NC. She is affectionate and lovable, but a little shy when she first meets strangers. She let us do everything to her during her vet work-up, but hasn't been tested with kids as her foster mom had grown children.

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 Sweetie, 1 year old female hairless Chinese Crested     Adopted
Sweetie is shy until she gets to know you, is comfortable with other small dogs, and will need someone experienced with house training. She is sweet and adorable.

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 Za Za, 4 year old female Shepherd mix     Adopted
You can't get a more easy-going, attentive and affectionate dog than Zaza. Abandoned by her original family in an empty apartment, she shows no signs of being left behind, or living in a shelter. She's housebroken, stays off furniture, is quiet, gentle, playful, good on the leash, and has a luxuriously silky coat. To watch her and her foster sister roll around in the grass, yowling happily and waving their legs around in the air, you'd know she is the quintessential companion to people and dogs. She seems good with cats as well.

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 Buffy, 8 week old female Shepherd/husky    Adopted
We've had since Buffy since she was 5 weeks old. Buffy loves to play in the water bowl and loves to dig and drag sticks around the yard. She is full of fun and action.

Renamed Maddi. Read her Success Story

Winston - 7 year old male Collie mix

Winston is a seven year old, 60# Shepherd mix. He is an absolute love, low-key and very agreeable. He has been raised to be a true snuggler, and he's a perfect dog to cuddle up with while reading or watching TV. He also is quite happy to be playful when you feel like being playful. Not especially athletic, he's more of a well broken-in family dog, happy to simply hang out with you, and do whatever you're doing. He gets along well with his foster dogs.


Maggy  -1 year old spaniel mix, female

This little girl dog, Maggie, is about a year old and is super with kids. She absolutely adores little children. How about a family for this one? She's a very active dog who was raised with cats. Adopted!

Sally - 2 year old female Shepherd

Sally is a pretty German Shepherd female who was pictured as the waiting dog on our WV rescue page. She has been waiting for two months for us to pick her up and living outside the whole time, hence she has some very treatable medical issues such as mange on her ears.  She knows how to sit and give paw and seems to understand lots of other commands, but needs some reinforcement on recall. She is not a barker and she's starting to be really playful outside. Always calm inside.

Sally is easy-going and low key. She is not a chewer and is fully housebroken (uses doggy door). She needs some leash work, but other than leash pulling is an awesome dog. She's respectful of the other dogs in the household, even the five pounders. Sally is a really sweet dog who deserves a good home. She's good with kids too! More pictures! Sally has been adopted. North Shore family with older sons. Lucky girl!

Beagle mix puppies  - 2.5 month old females

Arista (left) is available. Maven is adopted. These are two beagle mix female pups, just 12 weeks. Adopted

Chunk, Lab mix male, great with small children

Hey everyone! My name is Chunk and I was adopted from a KY shelter when I was a puppy. I thought I had a great home and gave my family lots of love. However, they ended up bringing me back to the shelter. They got busy and had to leave me alone in the house for really long periods of time. That was hard for me. You see I adore people and really want to be around them. The family praised my personality and good manners, but their time for me was too limited. So here I am back at the shelter looking for a home again. I am about 2 yrs old (as of 5/30) and am a Labrador/Terrier mix. My Mom was a tiny thing, but I grew to be a medium sized dog. I am VERY people-focused and I'm great with toddlers because I'm easy-going and do not jump up.  love belly rubs! I am laidback and calm. I am not a high-energy type of dog. I am happy just being by your side or enjoy playing or strolling with my humans. I get along with just about anything else - cats, dogs and even horses. I love kids and will be super with them. Do you think you might be able to give me a chance? At least come meet me, and see that I am a super dog and deserve a forever home! Adopted

Jesse  - 11 year old Golden Retriever, male

Jessie is a sweet Golden boy whose family is splitting up and is moving without him.
He loves people & other dogs, is wonderful with children, and is friendly with cats.
Because Jessie's former owner was overwhelmed by personal problems, Jessie spent much of his time tied up in the back yard, which was really a dirt lot.  He was without toys, food or water the day his foster parents found out about him and took him home.

Jessie turned 11 in June, but looks and acts like a puppy.  His foster family says he loves to run and play with their dogs.  He comes when called, and sits.  Jessie prefers to sleep next to his foster parents, either on his own bed, or in theirs.  Jessie is neutered and up to date on his shots.  A visit to the vet confirmed that he is in very good health.

Jessie is willing to forgive and trust again.  He displays the famous Golden Retriever traits:  showering love and affection on, and of course, leaning into, his human companions. If you can find it in your heart to be Jessie's forever family, he will be your devoted friend and never look back. Jesse may not be at the adoption event. Jesse has been adopted. Thank you!

Cole  - 3 year old Retriever x, male

Cole is a quiet male Lab mix who will be three in January. He has some early grey on his muzzle, but young teeth and a history known to us. He was abandoned in the snow as a young pup and left to starve. Some sweet ladies took him in and gave him love and good care before he was brought to Save A Dog for adoption. He is neutered and ready to go. He was not fostered with young kids, but older kids (teens) should be fine. He is mild mannered and not jumpy at all. We are temporarily boarding Cole, but once we get him into foster care we will learn more of his personality and safety with kids. Unless a family with older children, or working folks adopts him first. ADOPTED!

Cokie -- 7 year old Schipperke , female

Cokie is an adorable little Schipperke  who was relinquished during a divorce. She was raised with a teen, but is not good with real small children (many of these small dogs aren't). She's cute and spunky and needs a forever home. She is very Skipperke-like in all her behaviors. Adopted to young retirees whose elderly schipperke just passed away.

Winnie  - 9 months old Lab mix female

Winnie, formerly Wynona, has just spent the past three months being training as a hearing assistance dog. She knows many obedience commands and we would love to get an adopter who will continue training her.  She still has lots of puppy energy and can counter-surf with the best of them. She's very labby-like and will need a place to run, preferably fenced. Adopted to a wonderful family with teens in the suburbs.

Zorrie - 4 mo. old female Coon hound pup

Zorrie is a four month old female Coon hound who loves to play, play, play. She is a really nice puppy who is catching on to the crate training quickly. She would like a country environment where she can run and play. She is beautiful, with brown and black markings and touches of white here and there and she has the softest ears and the most beautiful soulful eyes you will ever see.  This little girl is playful and fun and curious about the world around her.  A leaf, a piece of grass, a toy and yes even her leash are sources of delight for her.  She is also a scent hound and spends time outdoors with her nose close to the ground, sniffing any and all delightful smells she might find. 
This little dog is smart and receptive to training and she will do very well in puppy kindergarten.  She is crate trained and is making good strides in toilet training. She should be placed in a home with owners who enjoy running and/or exercising with her.  She will need a yard to play in and will do well in a neighborhood where the houses are spread apart, so that she may exercise her powerful lungs and beautiful hound voice. Adoption fell through because the adopter's dog was not happy with a puppy.

Tally Ho, 8 week old Shepherd/husky female

Tally Ho is an 8 week old Shepherd/husky mix with one blue eye. She loves the water and is a quiet puppy as long as someone is with her. She loves to be held.

Tally Ho has been treated for sarcoptic mange so there is still a little fur missing from her paws and tail, but she is every bit as lovable and endearling. She's also a parvo surviver so should be immune for life, although she will still need the rest of her puppy shots. We require stay-at-home or work-from-home adopters for these pups. Adopted!

Kelly, 8 week old Shepherd/husky female

Kelly has been adopted!

Lady, 1 year old female Lab mix

LADY! This sweet but smallish black lab mix weighs about 40 lb at nearly a year of age. She is exceptionally playful and high energy - outgoing and affectionate. She has short black fur with some white on her chin, throat, and a few toes. I'm not sure with her energy level that she would be a good match for very young children ... she's smart and doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body but is just full of bounce and play. If you can offer her an active, loving forever home, call about Lady today! ADOPTED!

Darby is a small female Dobie mix, 40 lbs. and 9 months old. She walks well on a leash and is very attentive. She was tied to a chain and abandoned. When they found her she had no fur. Whoever had her certainly did not care for or appreciate the qualities of this loving, affectionate dog. She was most likely abused but has not held it against humans. We don't know if she was raised with kids and due to her sad past we'd rather start her out in a loving adult home without much poking and prodding from young children. She deserves to be treated like a queen. She is a smart dog who will respond well to obedience training. Adopted

Chin, a one year old male chinese crested hairless dog, is adapting well, very inquisitive loves to check everything out. He could care less about Molly or Snickers (the cat). He is eating well, drinking water. Going to the bathroom fine.

He loves to take walks and has a great gait. Loves to have his belly rubbed and be cuddled and held; gives kisses. He will make a great pet for someone looking for a nice companion. Chin is being fostered in CT.  Adopted                          

Ruby - 1 year old female Lab mix

Ruby is a one year old retriever mix. She looks like a yellow lab or golden cross. She could have norwegien elkhound or some northern breed in her. Ruby is a typical lab in that she loves fetching balls, water, running, and playing with ice cubes. She can be exhuberant and needs some leash work. She would do best in a fenced in yard so she can run. She is well behaved inside, just needs to be able to run around outside. .She was raised with school-aged boys and is not exposed to cats. She lives with a male chow-chow and does well with him, but we wouldn't place her with other female dogs because she wasn't raised wiith them. Adopted!

Ginger, 1 year old female Malinois/Shepherd mix

Ginger is a  beautiful Shepherd mix female who is about a year old. She looks like a small Belgian Malinois (~60 lb) with ears that point out rather than up. She is gentle, quiet, affectionate, and smart. She arrived at the shelter with a regular collar and a flea collar, but she is also rather thin. If you can offer this sweetie a loving forever home. She will be was just spayed on 8/22 and is eager for a permanent home. She is very puppy-like in her behaviors. We expect her to fill out once she's in a stable home with a good diet and lots of attention. She will capture your heart. She is HOUSEBROKEN! Adopted

Mandy, 3 year. old Corgi mix

Mandy is an adorablly cuddly Corgi mix. She was brought to a WV shelter with puppies in tow. The puppies were placed and now she just needs a good home. She is approximately 3 years old. She has no tail. Adopted

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