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Dogs Adopted in February 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in February, 2003

 Oreo, 7 mo. old male Dalmation mix     Adopted
He arrived from NC where he was left out in the cold to freeze. He knows obedience commands and will really listen. He doesn't take to crating, but he's a smart dog and learned house training in two days. He is desperate to bond to a human and has attached himself to every care giver. He was fostered in NC with kids and dogs.

Renamed Bandit. Read his Success Story

 Meatball, 12 week old male Border Collie mix     Adopted
I look mostly like a Border Collie, but have fur like a flat-coated retriever, straight. I came to the shelter as a stray with my brother Spaghetti. We were kinda rough looking when we came in and had some skin problems. But those are healing up, and we are looking mighty fine now! I am a total charmer with a wonderful attitude.

Renamed Hugo. Read his Success Story

 Abby, 15 month old AKC Yellow Lab     Adopted
She's a purebred yellow lab who was relinquished with Giger due to a family break-up. We thought we would keep them together, but each needs and longs for the individual attention that companion animals deserve. Abby is a 96 lb. stocky English-bred lab who is soft and sweet.

Read her Success Story

 Lucky, one year old female Lab mix    Adopted
This is Lucky, who strayed her way into the shelter. She is a very pretty Black Labrador Retriever mix who is about 1 yr. old. She is a playful and active dog who loves attention. She is gentle and very mellow. She is one of those dogs that just goes with the flow. Whatever situation she is in, she finds a way to enjoy herself and be happy. She loves people and will be good with kids.

Renamed Pepper. Read her Success Story

Daphne, 9 month old Springer/Beagle female

Daphne is a lovable 7 months old Springer/hound mix, we think Beagle as she is very petite, yet almost full grown. She loves to play outside, but her favorite thing to do is curl up in your arms and be cuddled. She is a lap dog through and through. Very people-focused and not your typical hound except when she's outside she likes to sniff. Adopted 2/1/03

 Lucy, nine months old female Basenji/Chow mix

This beautiful girl is Lucy. She was fascinated with a squeaky toy. Lucy is a gorgeous redhead who is about 4 months old (as of 8/23). She is a Chow/Basenji mix. She has short red hair with upright ears and a curly tail. Lucy is quite calm for her age, and is attentive. She is loving and will be very loyal to her person. Already she is bonded to her foster mom. Lucy was in foster care with other dogs, kids and cats, so she will fine with all three. She is also housetrained and has learned some basic obedience. She is a unique girl who is full of charm. If you are looking to add a redhead to your life, then come meet Lucy at our next Meet and Greet on Feb. 1st. ADOPTED 2/1/03

Dogs from Ky are already spayed/neutered, have all shots, and are microchipped. These dogs are ready for adoption to the right homes. If you would like to be preapproved, please apply now.

 Sheba, 2 yr old female, Border Collie/Chow mix

No, this isn't a little black bear - it is Sheba! Sheba is a beautiful Border Collie/Chow mix. She is 2 yrs and 5 months (as of 12/1). She was surrendered by her owner because they were moving and could not take her. Sheba has a tough time understanding that since she did no wrong. But Sheba is more than willing to love again and find a forever home. She is a very sweet dog with a gentle personality. She likes all people and gets along with other dogs. Plus, she is already housetrained!! No worrying about "messes" with this girl. Sheba certainly hopes you will give her consideration and not just go straight to the puppies. She is a wonderful dog with a known disposition and size. ADOPTED 2/2/03

12 week old Collie pups, males and females


They don't get any cuter or fluffier than this. These two little males are DARLING! You must be a stay at home or work from home and willing to provide lots of socialization and training. Apply here!

These guys have the sniffles, but are otherwise very healthy. They are on antibiotics to prevent the cold from developing into anything worse. If you are comfortable with this minor medical problem, then please apply.

If you already have an app on hand, please send us an email and we'll arrange a private viewing as they may not be at the adoption day due to a case of sniffles.ADOPTED 2/2/03

More pictures of Daisy, Bob, and Meatballs as they visited an assisted living center called Traditions of Wayland.

Daisy, left, is the largest female. Reviewing applications from  the adoption day.

 Spaghetti, 12 week old male Border Collie mix

Hi!  name is Spaghetti. I'm not sure how I got that name - guess someone was real hungry! I am a Spaniel/Border Collie mix who is 4 month old. I look mostly like a Border Collie, but have wavy hair. I'll be a small to medium sized dog. I came to the shelter as a stray with my brother Meatball. We were kinda rough looking when we came in and had some skin problems due to mange. But those are healing up, and we are looking spiffy now! I have a great disposition. Like all puppies, I am playful and energetic. I am very attuned to people and will just sit and listen to you and talk back when you talk to me. I am a smart little guy, and should train well. I sure hope you see I have many good qualities. Apply here!

ADOPTED 2/2/03

Rosey, Beagle 6 year old Beagle female

Rosey is a red and white female beagle who has recently retired from field trials. She's got a lovely temperament and is looking for a home. Very laid back dog. Winsome personality. ADOPTED

Rosey is doing great in her foster home. She had an accident in the house the first day, but hasn't had any since and she even scratches at the door to go out. Very laid back dog who gets along with everyone.She came to us with a mouth full of decaying teeth so now that we've got that taken care of she is ready to adopt. Because of the bad teeth her heart is affected so she will need to be on daily heart medical. This is a young dog, so we expect a good quality of life. This dog has personality plus! You won't find a sweeter, more loving dog.

 Munch 3 mo. old old male Lab/Boxer mix

Munch is a delightfully playful Lab mix pup. He is very affectionate, not mouthy or too naughtly. He will climb right into your lab for a hug. He has the body and webbed feet of a lab, the smooth short hair of a boxer and a little white on his chest like a collie or pointer. He is truly a mix of several breeds. He is crate trained and really a good boy in the house. He will just lie down and chew on a bone or entertain himself. He is a very happy puppy. He's also very smart and will make obedience training a cake walk. What's not to love? Here's a of Munch in action. Adopted

 Charlotte, 10 mo old female Shepherd/Beagle cross

This is our Good Charlotte. She is a very, very sweet Beagle mix who is about 9 months old (as of 1/4). She is a gentle dog who is a bit timid. But she definitely wants attention and love, and will quickly get as close to you as possible. That may mean she lays on your feet, stands between your legs, and climbs up in your lap. She's also glad to give you a big hug! Charlotte's goal in life is to please you, and love you. And with her gentle, loving personality, that should be easy to do! She will fit into any household since she gets along with kids, cats and dogs. However, she is a little possesive of her chew and if another dog tries to get aggressive with her, she'll stand up for herself. No person is a stranger to Charlotte, and she welcomes all who want to pet her. Adopted

Her foster mom writes: Good Charlotte is a sweet, docile hound/beagle mix who loves everyone, including kids, dogs and everyone else she meets! She is about 2 years old and loves to cuddle up with you when inside but also loves to be outside sniffing about in search of squirrels and other things to chase. She would love to have a fenced in yard in which she could play with her pals, human or canine, and she would also enjoy regular on-leash walks around your neighborhood to keep those squirrels in their place! She is housebroken and crate-trained, and has the sweetest face and the biggest brown eyes that will melt your heart. She is called Good Charlotte, not just Charlotte, for all the right reasons

 Trifle, 5 year old female Chinese Crested, Hairless

Trifle is a five year old, female, hairless Chinese Crested Dog. She is quiet, sweet, shy and submissive. She gets along well with other dogs, and loves cats. She is 10-12 pounds. Trifle probably was not someone's pet before, so we would like to place her in a home where someone can be with her a lot to help socialize her. Save A Dog has placed more than 20 Chinese Crested dogs in new homes over the last few years. In general, we prefer adult homes. Hairless Chinese Crested dogs need clothing and regular dental care, and have skin problems, so potential adopters should be aware of the special needs and costs of this unusual breed. Devotees agree that they are great, devoted, loving dogs, with a sense of humor and just dying to be pampered. Trifle fits that description perfectly. She has indicated her preference for a home in which she is welcome to sleep under the covers. Adopted!


Lacy is a beautiful 4 year old Belgian Sheepdog/Collie mix with a long lustrous black coat. She is lab size and sweet as can be. Very gentle with treats and with children. Good with cats and fine with other dogs. She has been well trained and knows sit, down, stay and come. She isn't scared of loud noises (like vacuum cleaners). She is very obedient and eager to please. She is mellow in the house and content to just curl up on her dog bed or on the kitchen floor while you are cooking (she is not a counter surfer). She likes to be near you but isn't clingy. She greets you with a little dance when you come in and looks like a dancing bear when she plays with her plush toys. She pulls a little on leash but not too hard. Very manageable for an adult or teenager.
She has a sweet, sweet temperament and will be a loyal pet and companion. If your looking for a dog that is sweet, well trained and with good manners, Lacy is your girl. Adopted

Ginger Snap, 4 year old female Shepherd

Ginger is a 4 year old female German Shepherd who came to us from Thomas J. O'Connor. She was turned in by her male owner, so she likes men. She is in a female household currently and doing fine. There's a male dog in the household and she is the boss, but they get along fabulously. She barks when anybody comes to the door, so she is a good watch dog, but no signs of aggression or being over protective. She is very playful and very people oriented. She doesn't like to be outside alone, she wants to be with her people.

The foster mom thinks she would do well with a family but also older people, because she so likes company. She is strong on a leash so would probably do best with a fenced in yard. At the shelter she had a bad habit of clacking her teeth, which would scare people. Our volunteers thought it was a trick that she learned as she does it to get attention. We haven't seen the behavior in awhile. She sits, speaks and gives paw. The foster's 10 year old sons plays with both dogs together without incident.
Adoption in progrss. Being cat tested

Sissy, 1+ year old female Shepherd mix

Sweet and soft, Sissy is about a year or so old and was brought to the Lowell pound as a stray. She looks like she just had a litter of pups recently. She loves attention and would be happiest with someone around all the time. She passed our temperament test with flying colors. We may have an adopter from the adoption event. Adoption in progress!

 Dixie, 1 yr old female, Collie mix

This pretty dog is Dixie. She is a Border Collie/Smooth coated Collie mix who is around 10 months old (as of 12/1). Dixie is about 55-60 lbs and is much prettier than the picture. Very  much crate trained and very quiet.She's really a very sweet loving dog.  She's not very timid now after getting used to being here.  She likes other dogs and plays well with them.  She needs a good walk each day, as any dog does.  If you can take her to a dog park or place where she can run and play with other dogs, she would love that.  ADOPTED!

When you leave her home, she would be best put into a crate, where she can feel secure, and where she can't get into mischief in the house due to her young age.   She shouldn't be left alone in the crate for a long long time - especially not all day.  Is there anyone at home who can take her out in the middle of the day?  She's also very friendly.  She met lots of people at the last adoption day.  She's a great dog who will make someone a very good friend.

 Maxine, 3 mo. old female dacshund mix

Maxine is a 3 month old, sweet small Dacschund mix. She is submissive with larger puppies and rode up with two of them quietly in the crate. She has a little sniffles going on, but is otherwise very healthy and ready to be adopted. She's going to be a small dog. If you rent, we must see a note from the land lord indicating dogs are allowed.

She's at the vet this week as one of the pups who was crated with her got sick, so she's on watch. She has received many applications. ADOPTED!

 Gimley, 14 week old male Boxer/Min Pin mix

What a sweet, little puppy this is! This is Gimli who is 12 weeks old (as of 1/31). He is a Boxer mix, but we really don't know what he is mixed with. Chihuahua? We think he will be a medium sized dog when fully grown. Gimli is very playful and active. He loves to play and find fun toys to chew on. He is adorable and has such a cute face!


Gimley is a very hungry boy and will need to gain a few pounds before putting him on a rigid feeding schedule.

Giger, 15 month old AKC Yellow Lab

These gorgeous purebred yellow labs are being relinquished due to a family break-up.  We thought we would keep them together, but each needs and longs for the individual attention that companion animals deserve. They have been great pals together, so it's been good that they've had each other.

Abby, pictured left,  is a 96 lb. stocky English-bred lab who is soft and sweet.Giger was very responsive when separated from his mate. He melts when you show him human attention and affection and he's desperately seeking for a human to be his leader.  Giger is on the right, Abby on the left.


Naomi, 1+ yr old female Shepherd

This sweet shepherd mix came in with a litter of pups. Like many of the southern dogs, she is heart worm positive so we are looking for a foster-to-adopt situation for her. After her treatment she will need to be kept quiet with just leash walking for several weeks, then a second treatment with a shorter confinement and at last freedom to run and play. She's a sweet, sweet dog. Adoption in progress.

Tiny Divas, female Collie/Golden mixes 9 weeks

Tiny Diva, left, is a little fluff ball of love. They were thought to be chows but there is no black on the tongue at all. They look like collie/golden mixes, or large Poms. Who knows. Very cute and sweet. ADOPTED!

Little Diva, female Collie/Golden mix 9 weeks

LIttle Diva, above, is one of the fluffiest puppies you'll ever meet. She was thought to be chows but there is no black on the tongue at all. She looks like collie/golden mixes, or large Poms. Who knows. Very cute and sweet. Must be a stay at home to apply . She is paper-trained and easily entertained. Will need lots of brushing so a place with woods might not be the ideal situation for her.

Adoption in progress. We've already received too many applications for this one puppy and we have several preapproved families in line to see her.


Sunshine, female Lab mix 1.5 years

Sunshine, pictured left with happy Rachael, is a sweet smallish yellow Lab mix who was stuffed into a tiny drop off box for dogs. It's hard to imagine anything so horrible could happen to such a wonderful companion animal. Anyway, she's adorable and lovely and deserving to be spoiled for the rest of her days. She is available now.

About a half dozen wonderful women drove these girls up to MA, each taking a leg of the trip and giving us updates along the way. It's so heart-warming that amidst the horror these dogs have been through, that there are people who will go the extra mile to give them a chance at life. Let's not disappoint them. ADOPTED

Tiny Tim, 1 year old male Min Pin/Chihuahua mix

Delightful is the only way to describe this little guy - a friendly ball of energy. He loves everybody and is really people-focused, a 10 lb. lap dog. He wouldn't be happy sitting home all day as he's just a young guy. An early retiree , or someone who works part time and has a playful dog at home, would be perfect. Tiny Tim loves to play with dogs and kids over 5. He loves to play fetch and tug with his favorite stuffed toy. Because of his small size, he has to wear a coat in the very cold weather, and when there is deep snow prefers to get his exercise indoors. He is crate trained, is learning basic obedience, and well on his way to being completely housetrained. He is happy, happy, full of joy! ADOPTED

Mickey Chin, 14 wk old male Japanese Chin mix

This little ball of fluff is the most loving, adorable puppy you will ever find. He weighs about 4.5 lbs. so needs a quiet household with adults or older children who would not step on him. He is a ball of energy until you pick him up to hold him, then he is just like a little baby.

He loves his toys and is friendly. He will need lots of socialization. We would not place him with large dogs as he would easily get hurt.

ADOPTED and soon to be a pet therapy dog visiting local nursing homes.

Lily, 2 yr old female Tibetan Spaniel, small

Lilly, approximately 2 years old, is a sweetheart of a dog. She passed the temperament test with flying colors and was perfectly still for her bath. She was a little frightened at the pound, but quickly warmed up to the staff and is now in a foster home and flourishing.

She will be spayed and ready for adoption.

Apply here. Adopted!

Rachael, female Beagle/Corgi mix, 1yr

This is Rachael. She was in a southern shelter and a favorite of all, but it's just been so hard for most dogs to get adopted out of some of these rural shelters. She came from a place where the building next door exploded so all the dogs had to be evacuated. Poor Rachael is such a good sport about it and is such a happy little dog. She's about 25 lbs. full grown. Cute, cute! Adopted

Bengy, 1+ yr old male Poodle/Lhasa mix

Bengy's before picture. His coat was very matted and scruffy. He was panting under the heat of it all. Poor thing.

Bengy's new look, thanks to Dawn of the Pampered Pooch in Belmont! Dawn is also a Save A Dog volunteer. Adopted

Bengy is a one to two year old male who seems to be housebroken and is very pleasant. He was a Lowell stray whose coat was in sad shape. He is a 20 lb dog.

He is quiet and pretty well mannered. He likes to stand on his hind legs and dance. Adopted, but returned for allergies. He might have some cocker in him, so if you have allergies, do not apply for this dog.

Earsula, 2 year old Yorkie mix female

This dog is to DIE for. Beautiful personality. Sweet sweet sweet. She came in very matted and frightened, but once in the foster home was very sweet. It took the foster mom over 2 hours to remove all the mats and all this baby did was lay down and be good and once in a while give her kisses. Great with her bath, no nipping, no whining, no barking.

She is about 5lbs and the doctor's office says about 2 years old. Please, no small children. We will consider local adopters first. We don't need to go out of state to find an adopter for a little cutie like this. Adult home, only dog would suit her best. She deserves to be someone's little princess.Adopted

Bonnie & Clyde, 4 year old Tibetan Spaniels, male and female

Talk about personality plus! It's hard to believe these adorable little dogs were abandoned. These are two intelligent, confident and outgoing healthy young dogs who are housebroken and altered, perfectly comfortable being crated together, and ready to go to a nice home. Please give them a chance. Maybe a working couple would like two dogs. They love to race around and wrestle each other and are the best of pals, entertaining themselves as well as everybody who has had a chance to see them in action. They get along with other dogs but should be fed separately from new dogs as, while fine eating with each other, they will guard their food from strange dogs who try to 'share' (both have been perfectly fine receiving treats sitting side by side with several other dogs but will guard food bowls and the like). They love to race around the back yard so a fenced in yard would be ideal for these two. A representative from Tibetan Spaniel rescue said folks joke that the breed is a mix of dog, cat, and monkey and it fits! Loving and affectionate yet confident and secure enough to entertain themselves while being very bright! A home without cats would be ideal, but both Tibbies are currently being trained to resist the urge to chase cats.


Ringo, 9 mo old male Cattle Dog mix

Ringo loves being with people and other dogs. He would like to play with cats, as well, but the only ones he has met hissed at him, and since he is no dummy, he didn't pursue the attempt to introduce himself. He can't believe the motherload of doggie toys in his foster home. He takes them out and plays with them whenever he ien't outside or asleep

He is very entertaining. He loves being with people and other dogs. He would like to play with cats, as well, but the only ones he has met hissed at him, and since he is no dummy, he didn't pursue the attempt to introduce himself. He can't believe the motherload of doggie toys in his foster home. He takes them out and plays with them whenever he ien't outside or asleep. ADOPTED

. He is so cute, it is hard to dissuade him from his loving greetings. He is doing very well with his house training and signals when he needs to go out. He is an eager student and because of his intelligence and athletic ability, he would be a great agility prospect as well as a wonderful running, & hiking companion.

Samantha, 10 mo. old Lab mix

Samantha is just under a year and gorgeous. She will be available to preapproved applicants first. She's got a beautiful coat, is crate trained and not a barker. Just a really nice lab.


Boston, 1 yr. old male Yellow Lab

Boston is a sweet one year old male lab who came all the way from a shelter in OH where he was supposed to be put to sleep. The shelter manager said he was too nice of a dog so went to great lengths to help him come to New England where he would have a chance at a good home. He is high energy and will need a fenced in yard. ADOPTED!

Miss Molly, 8 mo. old Shepherd mix

Miss Molly is a gorgeous Shepherd mix (possibly with Bernese Mt. Dog.. She wants a family of her own to love. Miss Molly is affectionate and everything you would want in a young dog. She's darling! She's spayed and ready to go. ADOPTED!

Sebastian,3 year. old Standard Poodle, neutered male

Sebastian is a high energy standard poodle looking for an active home with a fenced in yard. Preapproved applicants given first choice, but we are eager to get her adopted, so please apply.

For someone looking for a std. poodle, this is a dog to jump for. He's good in the house (housetrained, no counter surfing), bonds quickly with people; he's been putting his paw on our dogs, but he's good natured about it, takes their correction, not persistent.. He pulls a little on the leash, but it's not bad. He doesn't respond to any names, but turns and comes if you whistle. Rides well in the car - no barking, no whining, no car sickness :-). ADOPTED!

Skippy, <1 yr. Spaniel mix

Skippy is here an looks more like a small breed, either sheltie or spaniel.

Notes: Skippy is about 10 months old she would do well in a home with children. Recruited by NEADS

Brutus, Collie/hound mix, male

Brutus is a Brindle colored Collie/hound mix boy. His DOB: 7/1/97 He's a neutered male. He is a wonderful dog who is so well behaved inside and out. He is totally house broken, loves kids and other dogs. He walks great on a leash and is just an all around great dog. We just love him here at his foster home. He would make a great first dog because he is just so easy. I can't say enough good things about him. He is a big love who loves life.A real Gem. He looks like he's smiling all the time and the tail never stops wagging. He was crated a lot prior to coming to Save A Dog, but he doesn't need it. Someone who wants a calm, easy dog would be a good match for him. ADOPTED

Daisy, <1 yr. Basset/spaniel mix

Daisy is a one year old Basset/spaniel mix who is as sweet as they come. she will be arriving 2/23/03.

She has several preapproved people interested but is being spayed currently and will be shown later this week. Adopted

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