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Dogs Adopted in June 2003

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 Dogs Adopted in June, 2003

 Puff, 9 mos Male Chinese Crested Powder Puff    Adopted
Puff is paper trained, but not leashed trained. He was the dog of an elderly woman who said he has a very sweet disposition. He is very shy in his foster home and will need some time adjusting to a new environment, but will be a wonderful little lap dog for the right person who has the patience to let him come around slowly.

Renamed Jack. Read his Success Story

 Daisy, 8 mo. old female Shepherd/Lab mix     Adopted
Daisy is a sweet girl. She plays well with other dogs and takes her cues well if there's an older dog in the family. Her foster mom has clicker-trained her to stop the puppy mouthing and not to bark. Hurray for volunteer Mary Dillon! Plus, she is really good in the house. She leaves your stuff alone and is content to sit by your feet or at your side. What a nice dog. Her one vice is that she chases cats.

Read her Success Story

Scarlett and Rhett are two Spaniel/Border Collie mixes who are about 10 weeks old (as of 5/4). Scarlett is Black and Tan. Rhett is Black and white. They were found left in the country - a tough start to life. However, they sure hope things will be looking up and they will have homes of their own. We do NOT want to adopt them together. They are friendly, active puppies. They are social and enjoy attention. Like all puppies, they love to play and find things to chew.  Adopted

We don't have the resources to answer general inquiries about this dog until after arrival. The best way to express interest is by applying online. The application process is free. Apply here!

Janet is a sweet 1.5yo dachsund/chihuahua mix who weighs 13 pounds. She was a favorite of the workers at the local pound where she was a stray. We don't know much about her, but she rides well in a car and loves people. Janet will be spayed soon and ready to go! Apply here! Adopted

Sweetie, 5-7 years old, Lab mix female

Sweetie is a 5 to 7 year old Lab mix who was found at the Weston Reservoir and was the darling of the vet's office where she was being held. She is the sweetest thing, hence the name.She looks like she has a bump on her nose, but we think it's from the gentle leader. It's amazing nobody called about her. She looks to be prematurely grey as she has a lot of playfulness left in her and she LOVES to sit in your lap and watch TV. If you are a telly watcher you will have to be content with a 50 lb. lap dog. She's housebroken and already spayed. Adopted

Renee is a tiny 8 or 9 week old shepherd/sheltie mix. She is the best little puppy, not a barker. She has many toy breed qualities so we're thinking she is more of a sheltie mix than shepherd. She is lovely and affectionate and extremely good natured and undemanding.


Zebra is a five month old mostly pointer with a touch of chow mixed in. He is just a love. His picture does not do him justice. He will be arriving on 5/26/03. He is neutered, up to date on shots, and ready for adoption. He's microchipped too. He came in with her two siblings, Allison and Hoss, both equally wonderful. They all look like spaniel mixes and are just slightly larger than spaniels, about 40 lbs. Could get to be 50-55 lbs. Crate trained.

Apply here! Adopted

Adoption in progress

Molly is a three year old female lab who is a very special dog. She was born has a defective passaway to her nose which makes her breathing sound a little like Darth Vader. She was checked out by our vet as well as a specialist and both concur that she has managed well and that surgery will only make it worse. This lovely dog has a personality that is A+ and she is deserving of a wonderful life. She was loaded with ticks and had never had a bath when we got her. Her skin is still itchy, but she is on her way to a healthy lifestyle. Already she is chasing balls in the back yard and throwing toys up in the air to play with them. Adopted

Balto is a medium sized one year old neutered male husky. He likes other dogs but as any husky goes, we would not generally place them with cats. He is a gentle dog, good in the house and quiet in his crate. He is a little timid with men at first. He would be a great dog for hikes or any outdoor sport. He is not high strung like many huskies, but he does need some leash work not to pull.

He is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped thanks to PAWS in Paris, KY. Apply here! Adopted

Hoss is a five month old mostly pointer with a touch of chow mixed in. He is a really nice temperamented dog who deserves a loving home. He is about 40 lbs. now and should grow to be 50 lbs. or so. He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped and ready for adoption. He came in with  two siblings, Allison and Zebra, both equally wonderful. Apply here!

Hoss  is really gentle with children and just a really nice pup. He is afraid of thunder storms. ADOPTED

Nike is a one year old Golden Retriever yellow lab mix. He's a tall boy with lots of energy, but not as much of a puppy as his buddy Reebock. He is a gorgeous dog who will go far with a little bit of obedience training. He is not a jumper. He's coming from a shelter in OH where his time was up.

Great with people, but competes for food with other dogs. He is fine with Reebock and they play out in the yard, but just needs to be fed separately. For that reason we would put him with teens, but not young ones.

Please apply here.


Scarlett is a fourteen week old collie or spaniel mix pup. She's a petite girl and full of zip and puppy energy. Please be someone who has the time to spend with her. She will need training and a lot of attention.

The application process is free.Adopted

 Stanley 7-8 month old Shepherd cross male

Stanley is an 8 month old pup who has received quite a bit of training already so he should know all the basic commands. He is housebroken as well. He loves to play with other dogs and is good with kids. He's already housebroken.


Todd is a 6 months old English Setter/Beagle mix who is coming to us from PAWS in Paris, KY. He is neutered, up to date on shots and microchipped. He's going to be a little guy.

We don't have the resources to answer general inquiries about this dog until after arrival. The best way to express interest is by applying online. The application process is free.Adopted

Here's Violet, a 1.5 year old female Basset/beagle mix. She loves running around in the back yard of her foster home and she enjoys the plants, as you can see. She needs a nice back yard to play in. She is calm like an adult, but will still get into stuff and chew so will need to be supervised or crated when you cannot be watching her. Her qualities are that she is very people-focused, affectionate, comes when called, and is full of sweetness and love. She is short and stocky and is probably is at her adult size and weight at 35-40 lbs.Adopted

Tripper, 1 year old female Hound/Jack Russell cross

Plan on love at first sight when you meet Tripper.

Tripper is an adorable 15 lb. female houndy Jack Russell cross. She has one ear up and one down. The picture of cuteness and adorability. She was adopted out and was too active for her owner who was looking for more of a lap dog.  Her personality is very  curious, affectionate and just darling. She doesn't have a serious bone in her body and just loves everybody. She would be too high energy for a senior or someone looking for a lap dog, but if you're looking for a laugh a minute, this is your dog.  She is all play like any pup, and then she will crash, big time.  She has energy, but it's not with the intensity that you see in most JRTs. She is just a love.She's spayed, all vaccinations, and ready for a permanent home.No cats as she will try to play with them. Adopted

Topa (little mouse) is a one year old papillon who came to us as a stray and was adopted by a lovely lady in Weston. This was a match made in heaven as you can see by the picture. He is giving kisses to his new mommy.

Fern is a 5-6 month old little mutt dog from MD. She is supposed to be a mixture of whippet, min pin, and who knows what else. She looks and acts like a petite lab. She always has to have a toy in her mouth and she loves to run.  She's about 30 lbs. now and seems like she will be a medium-sized dog. She is timid at first and will run from you, but then do a play bow like she wants you to chase her. This is why a fenced in yard would help her to adjust. She is just as lovable and soft as any puppy you will ever meet.

Whoever gets her is in for many pleasant surprises. Today she was running around the back yard with a ball in her mouth, playing keep-away from the other dogs. What fun!.

She has such a sense of humor too. She is full of antics. Adoption in progress!


Rocky Road, named for the ice cream flavor, not the experience, is a five month old female Greater Swiss Mt. Dog mix. She was born 1/1/03 and is five months old and weighs 40 lbs. or so. She is small for her breed, but large compared to other breeds. Rocky was owned by a nanny and the family she was living with said she had to go as she was too big for their four year old twins.

Rocky has a sweet disposition and already knows basic obedience commands. She has puppy exhuberence and would do best with a fenced in yard. She's spayed, up to date on shots and microchipped.

Adoption in progress

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